Saturdays 7:00 pm | Sundays 10:30 am


Aqua Blue

Aqua Blue has been a consistently amazing staple of Roswell for over 10 years now! This suburban spot is a sister restaurant to Marlow’s Tavern and holds it standards to the same quality. Its location caters to families and adults alike! From hand-rolled sushi to creamy seafood pasta dishes to a wide selection of wines, there is something appealing to everyone here. 


Ahi Poke

It’s hard to find a great Poke away from the west coast! Aqua Blue’s version transports you across country to experience the deliciousness of sushi-grade ahi tuna marinated with sesame oil and wasabi soy sauce mixed with diced avocado.

AB Volcano Roll

The AB volcano roll shows off the spicy, crunchy and sweet combination that sushi is intended to be! Aqua Blue hand crafts this roll with baked spicy Hotate, avocado, Kanikama, asparagus, cucumber, spicy chili sauce and Japanese mayonnaise. 

Wild Shrimp & Grits

A southern deviation from the predominantly Asian seafood menu serves a delicious purpose! This dish is served with wild shrimp and Nora Mills stone ground grits for the perfectly textured bite!