Saturdays 7:00 pm | Sundays 10:30 am


Six Feet Under

A Grant Park staple since 2002, this pub and fish house is set directly across from the Oakland Cemetery. Hence the name. And hence menu items such as Spicy Rat Toes. But if you think this menu is full of graveyard gimmicks, you’re dead wrong.

Get it? Dead wrong…


The menu is filled with all kinds of casual cuisine, from seafood to Southern-style specialties to Mexican and Asian-fusion. Grab a seat on the roof deck and enjoy the view while enjoying a dozen raw oysters, or maybe some steamed King Crab legs. Inside, surrounded by décor from the days of yore, you might try the Fried Chicken Tacos or a Catfish Po’ Boy. Fried seafood platters abound, and the burgers? Oh, the burgers…

To wash it all down, ask your bartender or server about the extensive selection of local (and not-so-local) draft beers. They also make a great handcrafted cocktail, if we do say so ourselves.

The Grant Park location may be the original, but the Westside location (685 11th Street) has been alive and well since 2007. And both locations are sure to satisfy.


Spicy Rat Toes

Don’t be deterred by the name: they’re not really rat toes. Jalapeno peppers stuffed with shrimp and wrapped with crispy bacon. Served with a side of Ranch. A house specialty for sure.

Fried Chicken Tacos

Southern fried chicken just went further South. Soft flour tortillas served with aaaaallll the fixins: fried chicken, cotija cheese, lettuce, roasted corn, spicy salsa, fried jalapenos and salsa verde.

Blackened Catfish

This place does catfish right. This dish features blackened catfish with Six Feet Under’s special blend of spices and a Ranch drizzle. The side of cole slaw is killer, and the fried okra is as good as fried okra gets! The Catfosh Po’ Boy and Fried Catfish entrée are also not to be missed.