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Fox Bros. BBQ

There’s no shortage of good barbecue in the South. But if you’re looking for the best, you better believe that Fox Bros. is tops on the list. Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q is famous for its Texan-slash-Southern style slow and low cooked Hickory-smoked meats. And they’re famous for a good reason: their barbecue is beyond amazing, and their beyond-barbecue is even better.

Smoked Wings and Fried Pickle Chips are popular pre-meal plates…but no appetizer has quite as much clout as (duh, duh, duuuuh…) the Tominator. Tater tots smothered in Brunswick stew and melted cheese. Yeah, Steak wasn’t too thrilled about sharing that order…

But speaking of the Brunswick stew, this is a side you’re sure to savor. If you go with a meat-and-three meal, this perfectly meaty stew should be side numero uno. Other sides include mac n’ cheese (which you can order with a Brunswick stew floater…), green beans, baked beans, brisket chili…the usual sides – but with unusually amazing flavor.

As for the meat, no matter what you choose, you won’t be disappointed. That being said, the pulled pork and brisket get rave reviews time and time again. Oh, and both are available in sandwich form…


The Tominator

Tater tots smothered in Brunswick stew and melted cheddar cheese. How could anyone not order this?

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Simply served on a buttered, toasted sesame bun with three pickle slices, this sandwich is a sure bet.

Brunswick Stew

Maybe you want to order it on top of your Mac n’ Cheese. Maybe you just want to order it as-is. Either way, this is one side you won’t want to skip.