Saturdays 7:00 pm | Sundays 10:30 am


No. 246

First, Chef Drew Belline is a genius and we bet he could probably survive for weeks, probably months in the wild, such is his familiarity with forageable (it’s a word now) foods.

Second, Chef Drew’s particular passion for the sustainable, organic, and “we made this here so we know what’s in it” is the driving force behind the menu at No. 246.

The first item on the dinner menu is house-made ricotta. The pasta section is house made, too, including the ravioli. Almost everything else is sourced locally, from the Georgia white shrimp to the Sweetgrass Dairy goat cheese and north Georgia trout.

The restaurant itself brings to mind Italian countryside ristorantes, the kind that have been owned and operated by the same family since the renaissance. Luckily for us though, No. 246 is located right in the heart of Decatur.


Local Heirloom Tomato, Parmesan, Basil, Balsamic

Sure, you’re thinking, you can make this at home. It’s everyone’s favorite bruschetta topping, but…there’s something about the subtle flavor of the heirloom tomato, or maybe the saltiness of the parmesan that elevates this classic insalata to understated signature dish status.



Sure, it’s a pasta, but this one is made with squid ink, and served with toasted garlic, herbs, and bottarga, which is striped gray mullet roe that’s been salt-cured and sun-dried. Did you see we said squid ink, too?



No trip to an Italian restaurant is complete without pizza, and No. 246 is no different — the Meat Lover’s includes house made sausage, and prosciutto that they slice right there on the counter.