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Revolution Doughnuts

We hold this truth to be self evident: There are many ways to get creative when it comes to the pastry with a hole in the middle. Sugared, glazed, chocolate glazed & jelly-filled are flavors for the unimaginative. Those are for the big chain donut shops. Revolution Doughnuts will overthrow any notions you have of what you can top or fill a donut with.

Located right next to Ale Yeah! and Avellino’s on West College Avenue in Decatur (affectionately known as “Homer Simpson Plaza” since you can buy beer, pizza, and doughnuts there), Revolution Doughnuts feels like the hipster younger sibling of Dunkin Donuts. One part sustainable urban-living coffee shop and one part Heaven, this is the kind of coffee shop where you can imagine patriots plotting rebellion in Colonial times.

Scratch that, if Samuel Adams and John Hancock had been eating these doughnuts, the Declaration of Independence would have read very differently.


Maple Glazed with Bacon

That’s right, the single best food in the history of food on a donut. One of Revoution’s cake donuts with a thick maple glaze, topped with real chunks of bacon.

Paleo/Grain Free Donuts

If you’re restricting your grains intake, Revolution understand that you probably didn’t want to give up donuts, too. So Revolution created a donut using coconut and almond flours and frosted it with awesomeness.

Also, check out Revolution Donuts on Facebook. Why? Because they send out messages all day every day, sometimes saying that they’re getting ready to close and so doughnuts are half off!