The sports bar scene is booming in Atlanta, but STATS really sets themselves ahead of the pack. The restaurant has tables furnished with beer taps, five different bars to ensure quick service, and 70 HD televisions for ample game coverage. Aside from the modern decor, the true STATS magic happens in the kitchen.  STATS serves up classic American favorites like burgers, wings, and nachos; all with a twist. Executed to perfection,  STATS, also known as Atlanta’s favorite sports bar, is a slam dunk.


Messi Double Stack 

Double Messi from STATS

One bite and you’re yearning for more! STATS burgers are consistently juicy, piled high with cheese and pickles, and come on a buttery toasted bun.

Touchdown Tacos

Touchdown Tacos from STATS

Touchdown Tacos are whatever tacos STATS is feelin’ that day. Whatever you get, it’s a total score!

Dirty Bird

Dirty Bird from STATS

After everything is said and done with the Pats, we still love our Dirty Birds! Show them homage with this sammie featuring ultra-crispy fried chicken, a vinegar based slaw & siracha mayo.