Dishes We Couldn’t Stop Thinking About After Visiting Fernbank’s Food: Our Global Kitchen Exhibit

We recently filmed a segment and walked through Fernbank’s latest exhibit Food: Our Global Kitchen. After seeing their Aztec marketplace re-creation, learning how dishes have evolved through generations around the world, and interacting with utensils and cookware from around the globe, there are a few local dishes that we simply could not stop thinking about.

Rack of Ribs at Das BBQ
Maybe it was because we were hanging at the exhibit with Das BBQ owner Stephen Franklin, but we couldn’t stop thinking about all the cultures throughout history that had the idea to slow cook ribs over controlled heat and to rub it with tons of spices. Either way, we are lucky to live in a time where it has been perfected as well as it is at Das BBQ

Korean Deviled Eggs at Char Korean
It’s one of our favorite new Korean spots in Atlanta and the perfect example of what this exhibit is all about. Smashing two food cultures together is the natural evolution of food and the perfect encapsulation of American food tradition.

Tacos at Taqueria Del Sol
At Taqueria Del Sol, chef Eddie Hernandez brings traditional Mexican flavors to Atlanta’s west side. Tortillas are made in house and chef Eddie is always looking to bring a new ingredient onto his menu. The dishes taste like the ingredients were purchased at a nearby marketplace, the freshest available. Take a bite of anything in his menu and you’ll feel like a sun god.

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