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The Forum- Healthy Living Tips

David Balfovin, trainer at The Forum Athletic Club, gives us his healthy living tips

1) Give us a healthy but satisfied day of eating (include a restaurant meal if possible)

530 am 5 eggs 2 yolks. 2 PC bacon 1 Gf.
8 am- 5 eggs 2 yolks avocado
11 am- 2 chk breast 1 sweet potato
2 pm- 2.chk breast green beans
5 pm- 10 pieces sashimi protein cookie
8 pm- salmon asparagus

2) What are 3 great exercises you could do anywhere?

Walk lunges

3) What’s your favorite cheat meal? (Include the restaurant and menu item(s)

Tacomac wings
Fudruckers bacon cheeseburger
Mellow mushroom pizza

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