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Interview | Erica Webb | Dark Horse



What’s Dark Horse like?

Webb: It’s a lot of fun; we have 3 stories with 4 bars. The main floor has a bar on the side that gets insanely busy, and a bar on the patio. Upstairs we have a patio bar. Downstairs we have live-band karaoke 4 nights a week, and it’s a lot of fun.

What kind of people do you get here?

Webb: A lot of college students, and also a lot of young professionals; But people like to come here and have a lot of fun and drink a lot.

What’s the key to getting a bartender’s attention?

Webb: The key to getting a bartender’s attention, or my attention specifically, is to stand there patiently- I see you, I will get to you. Don’t wave your money; don’t wave at me; don’t yell at me.

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