Mara Davis Joins the Bert Show to Talk Stadium Eats and Restaurants Nearby

STATS’ Messy Burger

It’s football season in Atlanta and whether you’re a college or Falcons fan, there’s a good chance you’ll be near Mercedes-Benz stadium and the new State Farm Arena this year. Our very own Mara Davis joined the Bert Show this week to talk about the stadium food this year and other options nearby the site of Super Bowl LIII

“So the State Farm arena they just announced that it’s gonna open at the end of October and it’s the 50th anniversary of the Atlanta Hawks, which is pretty cool. And they’re gonna be doing a lot of new things there at the State Farm Arena that you haven’t seen before like Killer Mike’s Barber Shop, which I think is neat. Zach Brown’s gonna have a BBQ restaurant. There’s gonna be fantasy golf. There’s gonna be premium seating with couches and cabanas. And there’s also gonna have fan friendly food, which is something notable – how stadiums are really taking the feedback from their fans. Mercedes-Benz stadium does this as well with the fan friendly food – they’ve also lowered some of their prices because it is an expensive night out.”

Mara also highlights restaurants near the stadium as well, including:
Twin Smokers
Elliott Street Pub
Busy Bee Cafe
Prime Meridian

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