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Rainy Day Comfort Food

Now that Atlanta has been nicknamed “Seattle”, there’s only one way to make the most of this dreary, rain-filled situation; eat our way through it. We’re giving you meals to cure to the overwhelming gloom that has seeped into our minds and bodies. Chicken noodle soup is good for the soul, but in Atlanta we have plenty more to offer than your average bowl.


1) Matzah ball soup from The General Muir

Matzoh Ball Soup

2) Sopa de pollo y limon from Pure Taqueria

Pure Taqueria Soup

3) Mexican hot chocolate from Café Intermezzo

Mexican hot chocolate

4) Philly cheesesteak from Fred’s Meat & Bread

Fred's Philly Cheesesteak

5) Grilled mac n’ cheese + creamy tomato basil soup Tom + Chee


6) Baked ziti from Ippolito’s

Atl Eats Live_0068(10-24-15)

7) Chicken parmesan over spaghetti from Osteria 832


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