Atlanta Screams for Ice Cream!

Don’t let the summer heat get you down! Mara Davis and Bert & Kristen from The Bert Show gave us their top Atlanta ice cream hangouts, all great for escaping the crazy heat!

Paulo’s Gelato in the Highlands is a classic ATL spot that’s been around forever, and people can’t get enough of it! Bert’s fave spot serves fresh gelato in every flavor imaginable that makes for a creamy, delicious cold treat.

The Frosty Caboose in Chamblee is the perfect date night, according to Kristen. Settled right next to tracks, you can lick your scoops while watching the trains pass by. Ahhh, how romantic. Kristen recommends the butter pecan!

Frosty Caboose Ice Cream in Chamblee. Photo credit: Frosty Caboose

For all natural, small batch, homemade ice cream & sorbets in Decatur (and soon, Roswell!), look no further than Butter and Cream. Ben and Jerry’s own Ben or Jerry (not sure which one) actually came and visited this local spot! You’ve gotta stop by for a scoop of their Butterscotch Brownie ice cream.

Butter and Cream

Scoops from Butter and Cream Ice Cream. Photo credit: Butter and Cream

In case you didn’t know, rolled ice cream is all the rage right now. Obviously, we have to stay on this delicious trend! For rolled sweetness, try Sweet Charlies, 8 Fahrenheit Ice Cream & I CE NY!

At Sweet Charlie’s in Buckhead, you first pick your base: premium ice cream, nonfat yogurt, or nada-moo (vegan). Then, it’s time to choose mix-ins. Finally, you get to pick your toppings. In our opinion, the most insane is the Off Duty. They take a Sublime Donut (yummmm) and mix it in with coffee into your base! Then, you can get it topped with donut bits. Donut worry, eat ice cream!

At 8 Fahrenheit Ice Cream, also known as 8°F, the Thai style roll ice cream begins as a flavored base: choose from original, green tea, Thai tea or coffee. Then, pick your mix-in. Finish it off with 3 toppings of your choice. 8°F is all over the city with locations in Doraville, Duluth & Cumming!

I CE NY begins with a premium ice cream base on a plate as cold as -15°F! Metal paddles are used to quickly chop up your mix-ins and incorporate them into the cream that is the rolled up. Located on Buford Highway, flavors like Thai I-CE Tea with Thai Tea Ice Cream, Lychee, Choco Wafer Roll & Condensed Milk will make you feel like you’re in Thailand where this craze all began!

Mara Davis said she had to mention 4 Fat Cows in Alpharetta because they have the best name! She loves that they have mature flavors like Strawberry Balsamic, which is her fave. Something also noteworthy…they have CHOCOLATE WAFFLE CONES!!

Strawberry Balsamic from 4 Fat Cows

Strawberry Balsamic from Four Fat Cows. Photo credit: Olivia Kolkana

As you probably already know, Jeni’s is an Atlanta icon. It would be weird for the shop not to have a line anywhere from 30 min to an hour out the door on a summer night! They have this thing called BFY flavors, which stands for Buttermilk frozen yogurt. It’s so creamy and delicious… flavors include black currant or genmaicha & marshmallow & will satisfy the adventure side of your taste buds, while the milkiest chocolate brings you back to the summers of your youth.

Jeni's Ice Cream

Jeni’s Ice Cream sundae. Photo Credit: Andy Leverett

Honeysuckle Gelato makes a difference! Not only are their gelato sandwiches (yes, you read that right) made with brownies, pie crust, or chocolate chip cookies , but also they help the community! 5% of company profits go to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. We have a strict never-regret-dessert policy here, but with outreach like that, no diet is an excuse to skip these scoops! This southern flavor gelato fusion spot will no doubt make your day a heck of a lot sweeter.

We’ve raved over items on Black Walnut Cafe’s brunch menu like eggs benedict and peach french toast, but now we’d like to take two spoons to their dessert menu! Featuring an array of award winning gelato, cake, pies, cookies, and so much more, the spot is beyond spectacular. Go try the gelato & tell ’em we sent ya. It’s fantastic!

Black Walnut Gelato

Various gelato flavors from Black Walnut Cafe

Revolution Gelato is in the ever-funky East Atlanta Village inside We Suki Suki. Even funkier? Revolution Gelato is completely dairy free! They’ve somehow find a way to make dairy free, eco-friendly gelato taste luxurious and creamy. Our fave flavor? Nekkid Espresso, which won the 2016 Flavor of GA.

Jake’s Ice Cream in the Old Fourth Ward has more than two hundred ice creams, sorbets, gelatos, sherbets, frozen yogurt and Joyscreams (a healthier ice cream alternative). Most of their ice cream flavors are all natural, and all of them are made with hormone free dairy and pure cane sugar.

Jakes Ice Cream

Ice cream Jake’s Ice Cream

If you’re looking for a fusion between ice cream at kid’s birthday parties and dranks at adult birthday parties, Daddy O’Brien’s Irish Icecream and Dessert Pub is your friend! They make alcoholic ice-cream…amazing. You’ve gotta try their award winning Kentucky Salted Caramel, a blend of Kentucky Bourbon, Salted Caramel & Chocolate Chips. Feeling more adventurous? Then the Devil Went Down To Georgia flavor is for you! Fireball whiskey & Sriracha is the devil. Goin’ down to Georgia: Peaches and Pecans.  

Queen of Cream in the Old Fourth Ward recently got a huge shout from Cosmopolitan Magazine for being super ~aesthetic~. Beyond that, it’s ice creams are super creamy, totally homemade and just overall delicious. It also has an honest nostalgia about it that’s just charming and fun.

Queen of Cream Sundae

Ice cream sundae from Queen of Cream

Want to hear the whole segment? Catch Mara Davis on The Bert Show here & be sure to tune in on Wednesdays at 7:45am for more Atlanta Eats scoops!


After a 15 year hiatus, Houck’s Grille is back and better than ever! Family owned & operated in Roswell, Houck’s Grille makes a point to make every guest feel welcomed and at home when dining with them. Whether you’re coming with friends to hang at the bar and enjoy a burger & beer or bringing the family to catch up and laugh over a meal, Houck’s is the perfect spot to connect with those you care about. While food is their first and foremost focal point, the award-winning restaurant rocks out with live music every Friday and Saturday. Known as one of the most popular restaurant brands in Atlanta for over 20 years, Houck’s offers great casual American food at solid prices with prime service in a fun, friendly atmosphere.

Nori Nori

With over 36 varieties of fresh sushi, udon noodles, calamari salad, hibachi, & so much more, Nori Nori has anything a Japanese food lover could ever want. Aimed to revolutionize the buffet industry in Atlanta, this spot not only focuses on offering a quantity of delicious options, but also crafts each dish offered with extreme quality. “Nori Nori” means to have a good time in Japanese, & you definitely will here at this Sandy Springs gem!

Greater Good BBQ

On Roswell Road, right next to Chastain Park, there exists an unassuming building that you have probably driven by dozens of times. What’s inside though, is BBQ definitely worth the stop. We’re talking platters of smoked ribs, potato skins piled high with pimento cheese and pulled pork, and probably the best collard greens you’ve ever had. We’re talking Greater Good BBQ.

The Iberian Pig

Edison bulbs, exposed brick walls, and a friendly staff. It’s everything a hip, new restaurant strives to have. The Iberian Pig, located in Decatur, offers this and much more.

The Iberian Pig’s menu practically replicates what one would find in the markets of Spain, truly transporting customers into a foreign, yet inviting environment. Cured meats, a Spanish tradition, are what make this spot worthy of your time. Prosciutto is so passé. Here, Serrano Ham, smoked chorizo, and acorn fed Iberian pig are served thinly sliced on rustic wooden boards. The fatty marbling of the meat alone is enough to mesmerize the eyes, but surely not enough to keep away from a hungry mouth.

A vast array of imported artisanal cheeses complements the charcuteria and an expertly selected list of wines help to complete any afternoon or evening at this Spanish hideaway. The restaurant’s mixologists are also happy to serve up some classic cocktails or some more creative compositions. However, our top pick: the traditional sangria with delicately muddled fruit, wine and spirits. It’s always a great evening on the patio of the Iberian Pig on a warm summer night.

The Pig & The Pint

What happens when you bring the sophistication of the big city to the charming area of historical College Park? A refined meat & three! For a pork-lovers paradise, get the Three Little Pigs! If you want a sandwich that everyone is going to be talking about, it’s got to be the Barnyard Pimp. There’s something for everyone on this quirky southern menu!


The sports bar scene is booming in Atlanta, but STATS really sets themselves ahead of the pack. The restaurant has tables furnished with beer taps, five different bars to ensure quick service, and 70 HD televisions for ample game coverage. Aside from the modern decor, the true STATS magic happens in the kitchen.  STATS serves up classic American favorites like burgers, wings, and nachos; all with a twist. Executed to perfection,  STATS, also known as Atlanta’s favorite sports bar, is a slam dunk.

Give Your College Self Some Credit!


Ah yes, college. By day, playin’ frisbee on the lawn & struggling through chem lab. By night, groovin’ & drinkin’… BOXED WINE! Sure, when you think back to this economically savvy drink choice, there’s a good chance you cringe. Fear not! Put those memories (or lack thereof) behind you!

Tower Beer Wine & Spirits is here to tell college you that you were on to something. “Alternative packaging” (a.k.a. the boxed stuff) is seeing a huge resurgence. It’s better for the alcohol, better for the environment & better for buying in bulk.

Boxes keep out light, allowing alcohol to keep for longer & preventing it from going bad. You can recycle cardboard super easily. It’s easy to seal it up and save it for later versus pouring your alcohol down the sink (or trying to drink it all in one go…please, please don’t use the boxed wine renaissance as an excuse to play Slap the Bag!). Best of all, Tower Beer Wine & Spirits carries high-end boxed wine brands. Forget about the old connotation of boxed wines tasting cheap and gross!

Relive your glory days! Pull out your bell bottoms, order a pizza, & snag some boxed wine from Tower Beer Wine & Spirits!

Preview – Episode 1017

This week on Atlanta Eats, it’s always a party OTP with live music and great food by a legendary restauranteur. Then, it’s an elevated Japanese buffet that has everything you could ever dream of, and a downtown sports bar that’s serving up some shrimp and crab nachos that might become your new favorite guilty pleasure.

In our second half hour of deliciousness, it’s a true porklover’s paradise that serves up a modern Meat and Three. Then, it’s a fresh take on Spanish Tapas and the proof that bacon really does make everything better, even in cocktails.

Hungry Yet?

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7 Yummy Spots to Get Your Meat Sweats On

**The following was written by Atlanta Eats guest blogger Nichole Wolf**

Oh, the meat sweats. This (slightly vulgar) term, according to Urban Dictionary, means “an intense build up of perspiration as a result of the excess consumption of meat.”

While the phrase might sound a little gross, the meat certainly is not – Atlanta is chock-full of delicious BBQ joints, steakhouses, and charcuterie spots to get your grub on.

Fox Bros Bar-B-Q (Candler Park)

Fox Bros. Sandwich

Photo credit: Nichole Wolf

What many would consider the OG barbecue joint in Atlanta, Fox Bros has been slinging Texas-style BBQ since 2007. The menu is pretty much nothing but meat – from the starters (chicken fried ribs, wings, and brisket chili) to the plates (our favorite is the Trinity Plate, with brisket, ribs, and jalapeno cheddar sausage), Fox Bros is a meat lover’s paradise.

If you need any more convincing, Fox Bros was named one of the top BBQ restaurants in the US by the Huffington Post and Zagat – not bad for a local Atlanta favorite!

Pro tip – arrive early for dinner, as lines normally queue up pretty fast (even on weekdays!)

DAS BBQ (West Midtown)


Photo credit: Nichole Wolf

One of Atlanta’s newer BBQ spots, DAS BBQ opened at the very end of December 2016 on the Westside. They feature easy-going counter service and a lively patio in addition to their slow-smoked meats. The offering is simple but hearty – brisket, pork, and the usual plates populate the menu. Sausage by the link is also available, direct from a smokehouse in central Texas. The brisket comes highly recommended – it’s not quite so heavy, but still full of flavor, making it perfect for hot summer days.

Whatever you do, don’t skip out on the sides – the potato salad is absolutely heavenly, and the spicy elote creamy corn gives just the right amount of kick. If you’d like a closer look the goods, ask to see the smoke shed – the staff will give you a behind-the-scenes tour of the ‘cue on request!

Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall (Old Fourth Ward)

Ladybird ribs

Photo credit: Nichole Wolf

This camp-fire themed “mess hall,” situated Old Fourth Ward adjacent to the BeltLine, is one of Atlanta’s favorite patio hangouts. With a massive “grove,” indoor and outdoor bars, and pup-friendly seating, Ladybird is one of the hottest tickets in town on a sunny weekend afternoon.

This isn’t just a drinking establishment – Ladybird serves up some serious meat-focused plates if you’re so inclined. Their Basecamp dishes serve 2-4 people, communal-style – our pick is the Backyard BBQ Board, a tangle of ribs and pulled pork paired with Brunswick stew and poblano sausage.

Grub Burger Bar (Forsyth, North Druid Hills & Smyrna)

Grub Burger Bar Burger

Photo credit: Nichole Wolf

If you’re looking to get your meat on, and you’re craving some serious burgers, look no further than Grub Burger Bar.

With 2 Atlanta locations (Vinings and North Druid Hills), Grub is slinging a menu of delicious burgers, plus some salads & bowls with a healthier twist (but still featuring plenty of meat!)

A few of our favorite burgers include the Mac ‘N’ Cheese burger (mac & cheese of course, plus bacon); the Lockhart Legend (bacon, cheddar, a ridiculously tasty Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce, and 2 onion rings); and the Jive Turkey (a kick-butt turkey burger with pesto, bacon, Swiss, sprouts, and avocado).

While they might not be meat-related, you can’t skip out on the boozy milkshakes – the spiked bourbon & caramel shake is all you need after a burger coma!

Smokebelly BBQ (Buckhead)

Smokebelly BBQ

Photo credit: Nichole Wolf

Kicking it back to BBQ – Smokebelly is a Buckhead institution for funky, new-age twists on barbeque classics.

Their Nashville hot chicken is a serious contender to any Music City version, and the disco Q fries are some of the best loaded fries we’ve had in the ATL. These fries are topped with your choice of brisket or pulled pork, plus savory ‘cue sauce and either ranch or blue cheese drizzle (yes, we’re drooling from our desks too).

If you’re looking for some sweet barbeque, you’re in luck – Smokebelly has a crazy-good cherry cola sauce that you can get on both ribs and smoked wings.

Williamson Bros BBQ (Canton, Douglasville, Marietta)

Williamson Bros BBQ

Photo credit: Nichole Wolf

Williamson Bros Bar-B-Q has a unique twist to their menu – they make all of their sauces just up the road from their Marietta location! Their menu is pretty extensive for a BBQ joint – you can find anything from ribs & steaks to fish tacos and Polish sausages. There’s also a huge list of side items to satisfy any palate. Slide on up to the pit smoker tucked into the back of the restaurant if you’d like to see your meat cooked right in front of you!

If you visit Williamson and love their sauce (and spices), you can buy them on site! Gallon jars of barbeque sauce make a great gift (if we do say so ourselves).

Varuni Napoli (Morningside & Krog Street Market)

Varuni Napoli food

Photo credit: Nichole Wolf

You might be surprised to find a pizza place on a meat-lovers list – we promise we aren’t leading you astray! Varuni Napoli’s charcuterie board is one of our favorites, and many of their pizzas feature premium meats imported from Italy. Our obsession is their Oro Bianco pizza, topped with buffalo mozzarella, ricotta, black truffle oil, and pancetta (Italian bacon!) If you like a bit of heat, don’t miss out on any of the pizzas with soppressata (spicy salami) or Nduja (a spreadable pork sausage with ragu sauce).

If you stop by Varuni, ask for Luca, the fun loving owner! He’s always happy to chat about his many trips to Naples and his love for a great pizza pie (topped with meat, of course)!

Looking for more meat? Follow me (Nichole!) at @atladventurer, and Atlanta Eats at @atlantaeatstv.

Best Things We Ate Last Week


You could say it’s always a feeding frenzy at Atlanta Eats’ HQ, but to us it’s just another hard day’s work. We’re sharing the best things we ate last week to give you some food inspiration for the week ahead. Check out AtlantaEatsTV on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter for a constant stream of pictures if this doesn’t quite cure your food porn fix…

Shack Burger from Shake Shack (Buckhead & Perimeter Mall)

Shake Shack Burger

We had an amazing treat last week when Shake Shack catered our office’s lunch! This photo is literally the only evidence that Shake Shack even came…we gobbled up every crinkle fry and licked all the sauce from our fingers. This juicy burger is smothered in cheese, topped with a crisp tomato and perfected with a dollop of magical Shack Sauce…aka one of the most addicting substances in the universe. Not only is this burger beyond delish, but it’s also an Instagram star! These babies are perfectly picturesque!

Hot Fudge Sundae from Queen of Cream (Old Fourth Ward)

Queen of Cream Sundae

Look familiar? In case you missed it, Queen of Cream was ranked as Cosmopolitan‘s fave ice cream in GA, & we totally tasted why. We went with its classic Hot Fudge Sundae, which surely didn’t disappoint our tastebuds. Perfectly creamy ice cream, decadent fudge, cereal pieces & a cherry on top. A cherry-on-top a day keeps the doctor away… right?

Dixie Fries from The Vortex (Midtown & Little 5 Points)

Fries make everything better. So do lots of cheese & bacon. Put ’em all together & you’ve got a damn delicious dish! If you’re 21+, you can chow down on this massive plate of ooey gooey perfection. And for the record, The Vortex could not get any cooler than it already is.

Did we make you hungry? Lucky for you Atlanta Eats provides the perfect workday distraction! Search our site for videos of Atlanta’s top restaurants and be sure to tune in on Peachtree TV every Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 10:30 a.m.!

5 Delicious ATL Summer Food & Drink Specials You Must Try

Because who doesn’t like a kick ass deal on food and drinks?! We’re gonna help you save some dough & make it rain with these yummy specials.

Three-Course Lobster Dinner

Sundays | C&S Chowder House

A 3-course lobster dinner doesn’t have to break the bank! At C&S Chowder House, pick a delish soup or salad, followed by one and a quarter pounds of lobster paired with fries and slaw. Don’t forget a delectable dessert for the grand finale! All this food for only $35. Treat yo’ self, are we right!?

Flights & Bites

Mondays | Table & Main

Table & Main is about to make your Mondays a lot better with its Flights & Bites special! Swing by downtown Roswell to start the week off right by enjoying a featured flight and small plate, selected by Executive Chef Woolery Back. This workday treat is only $25 (plus tax and gratuity), so be sure to call or visit the website to make your reservation & reserve your spot. For updates on Table & Main’s pairing each week, follow them on Facebook.

Wine Bar Wednesday’s

Wednesdays | Osteria Mattone

Osteria Mattone’s Wine Bar Wednesday is definitely a must-try for all wine lovers! Available in both the dining room & bar, guests can enjoy a bottle from 1 of 20 “Wine Bar Wednesday” wines for just $25! Osteria’s menu features a rotating variety of sparkling, red and whites, all carefully selected by in-house sommelier Daniel Pernice. For more information, call (678) 878-3378, and to make a reservation, visit OpenTable.

Tacos On The Big Green Egg

Wednesdays | Venkman’s

Tacos don’t just have to be on Tuesdays anymore! Starting early on Wednesday mornings, the Venkman’s team will start cooking a delicious taco spread on the Big Green Egg for dinner service that day. The taco menu will rotate weekly, including options like the Tecate Smoked Whole Chicken and Georgia Catfish Veracruz tacos. These will sell out fast, so make sure to come early! For more information, visit or call (470) 225-6162.

Happy Hour Trio

Monday – Friday | JP Atlanta

Treat yourself for working hard every work day at JP Atlanta. From 3:00 – 6:00pm Monday through Friday, guests can indulge in a sammie, side and a glass of beer or wine for just $16! Choose between a the B-ATL (bacon, apple butter, cheese & lettuce), JP Burger or Slow Roast Turkey sandwich with a side salad, soup or fries.

Which special are you going to check out this week? Comment below and let us know!

PURE Taqueria

So much more than just outstanding tacos! PURE is a great go-to for authentic Mexico City cuisine, delicious cocktails & a kickass time. With six different locations all over Atlanta, there’s bound to be one close to your hood. The combination of a relaxed atmosphere, stellar food & drinks along with its inviting patio makes PURE a prime place to hangout and enjoy yourself. Don’t leave without trying at least 1 of their refreshing margaritas, many made with Lunazul’s smooth Mexican tequila.


Tucked away in the Inman Park neighborhood is this Italian gem. Perfect for a romantic night on the town or a mid-week meal  with friends, you’ll find homemade pasta and oh so much more!

Bruce Logue opened Boccalupo last year with the goal to bring local, American ingredients to the forefront of traditional Italian cooking. Logue and his team seek out the best and you can taste it in every bite. And they are not afraid of creativity in the kitchen. Take the famous Bahn Mi  for example. Traditionally a Vietnamese specialty, Logue transformed the flavors into a bruschetta with grilled bread, chicken liver pate, braised pork and pickled veggies.

This true neighborhood gem is breath of fresh air in Atlanta. You’ll find yourself lingering over the pasta and wine night after night.

Longhorn Steakhouse

35 years ago, the first and only Longhorn Steakhouse opened in Atlanta, GA.  Since then, the restaurant has boomed and grown into something nobody could have imagined. Even with its rise in popularity, Longhorn Steakhouse never forgot it’s Atlanta roots and customer focused culture. Based in the South, the fan base is passionate and loyal and, in return, hospitality is always emphasized.  Every Longhorn has its own personality and pride, and every meal is crafted with love and attention. Take our word for it, the food served here is the real deal!

Old Vinings Inn

Historic, charming & cozy — if you’re looking for an incredible southern meal in a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere, Old Vinings Inn is a great choice. Operating in a 140 year old house with both an upscale, polished dining room & an upstairs attic bar offering live music 4 nights a week, there’s a little something for everyone here. Delicious & sexy Southern classics are the focus, as well as a strong bar program & brunch favorites.