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Born in Osaka, Chef Tomo Naito originally came to the US to study theatre in New York. While working in restaurant to pay for school, he quickly saw that his true love and passion was in the kitchen. After graduation, he quickly set out on the path to become one of the nation’s leading purveyors of modern Japanese cuisine.  After working in such cities as NYC and Las Vegas, he brought his talents to Buckhead.

And boy are we glad he did! Bringing with him his dedication to sourcing the freshest ingredients available, Tomo changed the way we looked at sushi. The beauty of the plates brought out are like works of art on your table. Fish melts on your tongue and it’s impossible to not want more.



Trust the master. That is the idea behind Omokase, the Japanese tradition of allowing the chef to choose your meal. All you need to do is give them any dislikes or allergies and agree to a price point. Then just sit back and prepare to be amazed. Truly an experience you’ll be thinking about long after the meal is over.


Grilled Kama

Also known as fish collar, the kama is the second most prized piece of a fish after the belly. And Tomo treats it with the respect it deserves. Available with salmon or Japanese snapper. You;ll wonder where it’s been your whole life.