Bacon, I Love You – 5 Local Spots to Visit in Celebration of Bacon Lovers Day

Post by: Kiersten Cusik, Atlanta Eats intern
It’s another one of those food holidays, but this one seems to have some real merit – after all, anyone who eats meat LOVES bacon. So to celebrate Bacon Lovers’ Day, we put together a list of four great restaurants with bacon centric dishes that you can pig out on.

a bacon flight from Unwine'd and Tapped

A bacon flight from Unwine’d and Tapped

Unwine’d and Tapped
Although you may have had a long day at work, do NOT forget to feed the beast. Relax at unWine’d & Tapped to delight yourself in either the Bacon Flight or the Shrimp Bacon & Bleu along with a nice (BIG) glass of wine.

If you are craving a light yet SAVORY taste of bacon on Bacon Lovers’ Day, order Bacon-in -a-Glass from Leon’s Full Service. This appetizer is served with peanut butter, which may seem like an odd combination, but it compliments the bacon OH SO WELL. This duo may expand your taste buds. Sounds like a win-win situation.


Whether you are in an omnivorous or carnivorous mood, Kevin Rathbun Steak offers some AMAZING options. Devour the THICK-cut bacon appetizer, spinach salad with hot bacon dressing, or the 12oz Prime Wagyu Ribeye Burger…maybe order all three options if you find yourself feeling a little low on iron.


Whenever you find yourself in the mood for bacon TAPAS or DRINKS, swing by The Iberian Pig in downtown Decatur! The Apple-wood Smoked Bacon wrapped Medjool dates and the Oyster BLT Pintxo fried oysters will cause your eyes to become bigger than your stomach because you will NEED to have both. Accompany your tapas with the not so bitter Iberian Old Fashioned since it is made with bacon infused rye.


Preview – Episode 1221

This week on Atlanta Eats, we’re heading up, up to the 30th floor of the Hilton Atlanta to Nikolai’s Roof for a selection off of their seasonal menu. Next, we take a quick getaway to Old Edwards Inn in North Carolina to taste some farm fresh local food. Afterwards, we’re craving some South African-style cuisine, so no better place to go than Cape Dutch, located right off of Cheshire Bridge Road. Utilizing their special South African wood fired grill called a Braai, you’re guaranteed to leave satisfied. Then, off to MADE Kitchen and Cocktails in Alpharetta for a Spanish-inspired meal accompanied by some handcrafted cocktails. What better place to enjoy tasty tapas and drinks? Lastly, we smell the steaks grilling! Off to some of our favorite steakhouses, the Palm and Chops, both located in Buckhead. We go deep into the tender steak dishes and fresh seafood selections. Let’s eat!

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It’s So Hot Right Now: Our Visit to Hattie B’s

Atlanta Eats intern Jordan Shoulberg visited the new Little Five HOTspot everyone is talking about, Hattie B’s, and tested their 7 progressively hotter spices. Check out her journey and our video visit to Hattie B’s below!

Post by: Jordan Shoulberg, Atlanta Eats intern
It’s new. It’s cool. It’s all the rage. Hattie B’s Nashville Chicken has officially opened in Atlanta. The former laundromat in the heart of Little Five Points has been transformed into a red hot restaurant. Trust me, this place is spicy! Therefore, in honor of National Hot and Spicy Day, we are taking you through the 7 flavors to Hattie B’s hell. So come on… let’s “spice up your life!”


Southern: no heat 1/10
Here in the South, we eat our chicken fried, but can we really handle the heat? This “Southern” flavor has all the flavor, but no heat. Therefore, for all our Southern Belles (ladies and gentlemen) that can not stand a fiery mouth, this seasoned tender is perfect for you. The warm delicious chicken will coat your mouth from the spice of the restaurant surrounding you. Atlanta Eats ranks it a 1 on the hot scale.


Mild: touch of heat
Now we are starting to get somewhere. With a subtle addition of heat, the mild wings can hit the spot for our newbie heat foodies. Meanwhile, our experienced wing eaters can step the flavor level up because we rank this a 3 on the hot scale.


Medium: Warming Up
Just as the title hints, these wings are starting to make our mouths steam. The medium wings appear harmless, but without a root beer float bubbling next to you, then prepare to feel mildly overwhelmed. No worries, the taste of these crispy wings can be easily tamed by the richness of the pimiento mac and cheese. The chicken definitely ranks a 5.5 on the hot scale.


Hot!: feel the heat
And now is the time we say our goodbyes to the amautuer spice eaters because it is about to get hot. This flavor of hotness is evident in the appearance of the chicken. The seasoning oozes from the rigid pieces of the fried bread crumbles giving a dark brown appearance to this delicious meat. We are skipping a few levels of heat ranking to give this an 8 on the hot scale.


Damn Hot!: Fire starter 9
Bring your fire extinguisher because it is getting hot in here. Although just a tiny bit spicier in theory, the Damn Hot! is truly spicier than the rest. Whether you think ice tea, a root beer float, lemonade, or water is best when eating these wings, make sure to have one ready to quench the fire in your mouth. Before the first bite is even taken, the peppery smell lingers in the air, warning you of the heat you are about to endure. But this heat is no match for the flavorful tastes that originate from this dish. We give it a 9 on the hot scale.


Shut the Cluck UP!!!!: Burn Notice 11/10
Once upon a time, I was a girl who loved her spice. I went into Hattie B’s expecting nothing less than a little kick that I could easily handle. The waiter, noticing my confidence, warned me of the ghost pepper used in the seasoning of these little firecrackers. Positive that I could defeat the heat, I took my first bite. If I am being frank, the Shut the Cluck Up!! chicken is the spiciest thing I have ever eaten. As the tears began rolling out of my eyes, the meaning of the name finally resonated with me. Some people literally Shut the Cluck Up as they attempt to regroup themselves, while others (me for example) refuse to Shut the Cluck Up due to fear of their mouth exploding in flames. Despite my dramatics- this was one of the greatest pieces of chicken I have ever enjoyed. The spice cleansed my body and I felt rejuvenated and ready for the rest of my day. I challenge all you spice cravers to take on the Shut the Cluck Up wing.

Do you think you’re able to handle the heat?

How We Spent National S’mores Day on August 10th

Picture this: you’re sitting by a campfire, letting your marshmallow roast to a toasty perfection: a crispy outside and gooey inside. You slide the marshmallow off onto your graham cracker, add a piece of chocolate, and put the other graham cracker on top to complete the sandwich. The s’more is ready, and the heat of the marshmallow begins to melt the chocolate into a oozing perfection. But here’s a problem – campfires aren’t always easy to find. That’s why we created our list of delicious, chocolatey gooey s’mores dishes around Atlanta and visited a few on August 10th.

Sublime Donuts
The home of the donut ice cream cone and winners of multiple culinary prizes, Sublime Donuts takes it up a level by combining the classic donut with the ingredients and flavors of a s’more. In this dish, Sublime uses their fluffy yeast donut and makes their own marshmallow fluff to squeeze into the middle. After torching the fluff, the smoky flavor reaches the entire donut, so that every bite tastes a little like a campfire. Then, the donut is covered in a rich chocolate icing, and for a crunch, graham cracker crumbs are sprinkled on top. Every bite of this soft donut reminds you of the summer classic.

Folk Art
As the saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, you might as well have a hearty breakfast. And what better way to start your day than at Folk Art in Inman Park? Folk Art is serving up Insta-worthy breakfast dishes such as a jumbo bacon, sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit and a fried chicken and waffles with a whisky peach compote. However, one of the headliners is definitely the chocolate s’mores pancakes. The pancakes are made with sweet potato, then topped with marshmallow fluff, chocolate drizzle and crushed up graham crackers. It’s a meal where you don’t mind if it’s a little bit of a mess.

Queen of Cream
What could be better than cold, refreshing ice cream fused with a hot s’more? Queen of Cream is serving this outrageously tasty combination in sundae form, so save room for this dessert the next time you’re in Inman Park. The sundae is made up of their homemade vanilla bean ice cream, hot fudge and graham cracker crumbs. The star of the dish is the hand-molded, torched marshmallow, fired specially for each dish. The marshmallow is still hot when it hits the ice cream, allowing for it to slightly melt the sundae and bring the entire dish together.

Filet-ing Good in the Neighborhood: 4 Steak Restaurants for Filet Mignon Day

Post by: Jordan Shoulberg, Atlanta Eats intern
Atlanta Eats is constantly on a STEAK-out for new steakhouses in Atlanta – and finding a good one can be rare due to the high demand for well made food. But, Little Alley Steakhouse and The Palm in Buckhead, Arnette’s in Brookhaven and Kaisers in Sandy Springs have cooked their way into the hearts of Atlantans seeking good meat. In honor of National Filet Mignon Day, we are showing you some of our favorite filet mignon dishes from both classic Atlanta steakhouses and the new kids on the block.

steak on a fork from arnette's chop shop

Photo credit: arnetteschopshop.com

Arnette’s Chop Shop:
Arnette’s Chop Shop can be found in the back streets of Brookhaven. This new restaurant radiates a unique vibe that separates it from traditional steakhouses. With tributes to some of the greatest musicians, Michael Arnette’s vision for this modern steakhouse hummed in. The ChopShop has a beautifully cooked filet mignon, which you can get as a 4 oz bone-in filet to a 6 oz, 14 oz, and even 32 oz.

Little Alley Steak Buckhead:
Although established in Roswell in 2005, Little Alley feels brand new with the opening of their doors in Buckhead. This new restaurant screams elegance – from their beautifully designed interior and amazing service all the way to their cuisine. This August 13th you should definitely be on the lookout for their Barrel Cut Filet. We challenge you to let the juiciness stimulate your taste buds and leave your stomach wanting more. Even Lady Gaga would wear this meat!

The Palm:
You remember that first steakhouse experience – biting into a steak and feeling a rush of flavor you’ve never had in a piece of meat like this before. There’s a good chance it happened at the Palm, and there’s a reason for it – The Palm is an institution that continues putting out great plates every dinner service. Ask for General Manager Andrei, who invented the “Pinky” cocktail that’s served at every Palm in the country.

dry aged ribeye from Kaiser's Chophouse
Two of Atlanta’s great chefs, Kevin Rathbun and Peter Kaiser, have teamed up to create the Sandy Spring’s hit, Kaiser’s ChopHouse. Picture this: Einstein and Newton team up to discover a new element on the periodic table – this is basically the same thing. Their 6oz or 12 oz barrel cut beef filet is amazingly tender. It is sure to FIL(et) you up

We promise it won’t be a misSTEAK to try one of these delicious meats on National Filet Mignon Day!

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop

Capriotti’s began as a sandwich shop in Wilmington, Delaware’s Little Italy in 1976. Today, they’ve grown to many Capriottis, all around the country. But the ONLY Capriotti’s in Atlanta is in Kennesaw, where they make the restaurant’s famous Bobbie sandwich using perfectly baked bread, fresh ingredients and amazing customer service every day.

Nikolai’s Roof

Anybody who watches Atlanta Eats knows that the city is filled with countless outstanding neighborhood restaurants, but sometimes you want to take it up a level…to one of those beautiful classy spots that you feel transported the minute you walk in. Nikolai’s Roof serves up classy caviar and sure-fire martinis, but how about an outstanding rack of lamb, a delicious duck breast and the perfect steak. Located in Downtown Atlanta on the top of the Hilton hotel, Nikolai’s Roof provides a view like nothing else in the city.

MADE Kitchen and Cocktails

Located in downtown Alpharetta, the modern-industrial restaurant MADE Kitchen & Cocktails boasts delicious small plates and an unforgettable atmosphere. Defined by reclaimed wooden beams and steel, the open and airy environment is sure to wow diners on and off the plate.  With global influences seeping into every dish, MADE has something for everyone…from every walk of life and every palate. Expert pairings of cocktails along with small plate tapas give guests a unique combination of indulgence and comfort.

Chops Lobster Bar

Chops has been one of the highlights of Atlanta dining for years! It consistently ranked as one of the top ten steakhouses in the country, bringing food pride back to the ATL. Seafood is flown in fresh daily, and the meat is only the best aged USDA beef. 

At Chops, each outing is more than just your average meal. Each Chops classic creation speaks about its rich Atlanta tradition. For 26 years Chops has been the place to go for special occasions, meetings, and for the best steak and lobster in town. Visit the Lobster Bar when you’re in the mood for seafood, or sit in the main dining room for a tender, juicy piece of steak, Chops has it all!  


Cape Dutch

Nestled off Cheshire Bridge road in the Morningside neighborhood, famed restauranteur Justin Anthony’s latest venture, Cape Dutch, takes a modern approach to South African cuisine. With Executive Chef Philippe Haddad at the helm, diners can expect dishes such as braised rabbit, lobster, seared sea bass, and the signature elk chop. Enjoy a fully immersive experience from start to finish. Ambiance and decor are on par with both the dinner menu and cocktail list which create a contemporary setting and approachable atmosphere. Perfect for happy hour, date night, or family gatherings; Cape Dutch has quickly made a lasting impression on the ever-growing Atlanta dining scene. Experience a taste of South Africa without the jet lag!


The Palm

Everyone has that one special restaurant, and in the heart of Buckhead you’ll find Steak Shapiro’s; The Palm. Located in The Westin, this iconic restaurant lliterally has history all over the walls. And the Chicken Parm? So good, we could write a novel on it!

The original Palm opened in 1926, right on the cusp of the Great Depression. Known for making classic Italian food that was as filling as it was delicious, it attracted many of the old school Ad Men. In exchange for heaps of Chicken Parm and pasta, these men would put their art work on the walls; and a tradition was born. A total renovation in 2015 has turned this classic into one of the sexiest new rooms in Atlanta.

But the food? The food is what has them coming back! The Palm is a classic American steakhouse, and they know how it’s done. The top tier of beef is seared and the seafood is flown in fresh daily. And no matter how many steak and lobsters you have on the table, you better have a Chicken Parm on there too!

Preview – Episode 1220

This week on Atlanta Eats, there’s no SUBstitution for the delicious sandwiches at Capriotti’s. We head to the Delaware based company’s Kennesaw location and learn a little about how they make their sandwiches so delicious. We then head to Smyrna to visit our friends at Wade’s once again and enjoy their amazing patio space and delicious menu. Afterwards, it’s time for a lovely Italian dinner in Alpharetta at DiPaolo, which has been in the area for 10 years. Next up, it’s time to drink and munch on tapas at Marietta’s Unwine’d and Tapped. Finally, we’ll finish off our episode at Tucker’s hometown cafeteria, Magnolia Room, and the Battery’s fried chicken hot spot, Feed.

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Our visit to Karma Daisy on National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

We know, we know. We’ve been writing about chocolate chip cookies a lot. But get over it – chocolate chip cookies are the only good, pure thing left in this world. Thank goodness Karma Daisy is nearby, and when they took over The Cookie Studio, they didn’t stop churning out those perfectly crisp on the outside, soft on the inside chocolate chip cookies. We of course visited them on National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day to get a peek in the kitchen and see how their delicious cookies come together.

Dishes We Couldn’t Stop Thinking About After Visiting Fernbank’s Food: Our Global Kitchen Exhibit

We recently filmed a segment and walked through Fernbank’s latest exhibit Food: Our Global Kitchen. After seeing their Aztec marketplace re-creation, learning how dishes have evolved through generations around the world, and interacting with utensils and cookware from around the globe, there are a few local dishes that we simply could not stop thinking about.

Rack of Ribs at Das BBQ
Maybe it was because we were hanging at the exhibit with Das BBQ owner Stephen Franklin, but we couldn’t stop thinking about all the cultures throughout history that had the idea to slow cook ribs over controlled heat and to rub it with tons of spices. Either way, we are lucky to live in a time where it has been perfected as well as it is at Das BBQ

Korean Deviled Eggs at Char Korean
It’s one of our favorite new Korean spots in Atlanta and the perfect example of what this exhibit is all about. Smashing two food cultures together is the natural evolution of food and the perfect encapsulation of American food tradition.

Tacos at Taqueria Del Sol
At Taqueria Del Sol, chef Eddie Hernandez brings traditional Mexican flavors to Atlanta’s west side. Tortillas are made in house and chef Eddie is always looking to bring a new ingredient onto his menu. The dishes taste like the ingredients were purchased at a nearby marketplace, the freshest available. Take a bite of anything in his menu and you’ll feel like a sun god.

Mara Davis Shares Great Wine Bars on The Bert Show (Just Don’t Say Rose All Day)

wine from a tap at Unwine'd and Tapped restaurant

Wine from one of the many taps at Unwined and Tapp’d in Marietta

Mara Davis joined the Bert Show to share some of her favorite spots to grab some wine, get with your girlfriends and people watch. But if you see her at any of these places, don’t say “Rose All Day”. It’s for your own safety. Check out Mara’s recommendations below!

“Vino Venue, this is in Dunwoody – it’s the Atlanta Wine School as well – they’ve got wine tastings from 3-5. I know we talked about first dates last week, but that’s a great place to go as well. They’re really educated and these are people that really know their wine.”

“Unwined and Tapp’d. – I’ve talked about them before. This is the cutest little place in Marietta. We just did an Atlanta Eats segment there and I love seeing all the women come out. There’s something about wine – it’s just like the ladies want to come out and drink wine and they feel like they can just let it all hang out with that “Rose all day”…”

“I like Murphy’s a lot – that’s in Virginia Highland. Cause they’ve got the bake shop, the restaurant and the wine bar. You can definitely ask a lot of questions and you can get more wine by the glass.”