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Tomatofeast Returns to La Tavola


It’s time once again to celebrate everyone’s favorite fruit (yes, it’s a fruit), the tomato, with La Tavola’s annual Tomatofeast menu running July 30-August 9.

The special dinner dishes—which range from both hot and cold appetizers to full entrees to dessert—will be available in addition to the regular dinner menu. So go all in with tomatoes from beginning to end or just add a taste or two to your meal.

Heirloom Tomatoes Ligurian olive oil, sea salt 8
Spicy Coppa currant tomatoes, shaved 
zucchini and blossoms, sunflower seeds 10
Wild Salmon Crudo cucumber, tomato brodo, pea tendrils, lemon agrumato oil 12
N’duja Crostini buffalo mozzarella, preserved tomatoes, celery leaves 12
Roasted Tomato Crostata Parmigiano crust, black pepper, olive oil gelato 10
Tuna Tagliata pickled cipollini onions, white tomatoes, smoked corn crema, almonds 13
Francobolli roasted squash and ricotta, roasted sungold tomatoes, zucchini sugo 13

Torchiette cured halibut collar, tomato passata, basil, bread crumbs 14
Malloreddus goat ragu, roasted peppers, thyme, San Marzano tomatoes 15
Bottarga fregola, chanterelle mushrooms, charred cherry tomatoes, Sicilian oregano 14

Rabbit Porchetta borlotti beans, pancetta, smoked tomato vinaigrette, arugula 25
Speck-Wrapped Monkfish grilled peach panzanella, heirloom tomatoes, basil, arugula 25
Grilled Brasstown Strip roasted fingerling potatoes, Gorgonzola vinaigrette, cherry tomatoes 34
Grilled Cobia farro piccolo, charred tomatoes, red onions, braised squid 27 
Roasted Pork Chop summer caponata, eggplant puree, fennel frond oil 24

Rosemary Cake tomato molasses, buttermilk sherbet 7

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