Baba’s Gyro & Kabob

You can find amazing food in the strangest of places. Yes, even connected to a gas station in Cumming, GA. Baba’s Gyro & Kabob are serving up the tastiest hummus, Greek salads and even lamb shanks around! 


Lamb Shank

Where else can you fill up your tank and get a lamb shank in one stop?! Baba’s lamb shank is slow cooked and braised for 6 hours with a tomato based sauce and served with Persian rice that has lima beans in it. So unexpected. So delicious.

Cherry Pollo

Baba starts with Saffron basmati rice and tops it with a skewer of chicken kabob, and sauteed pitted sour cherries, carrots, almonds and pistachios. Oh, and love. You can really taste that.