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Thomas Keller is a chef that can be described in one word; genius. Having already built the nations most acclaimed restaurant, The French Laundry, he set his sight on taking over Vegas. In it’s tenth year, Bouchon is proof that he has accomplished his task, and then some.


Poulet Rôti

It is such seeming simply dish, but when in the hands Thomas Keller, it is one of the most celebrated dishes in the world. Roasted chicken with braised kale, Tokyo turnips & natural chicken jus


A crisp outside with a soft & chewy texture inside , the macarons at Bouchon are, in a word, glorious. Chef Keller’s creations are a must when anyone visits Bouchon in Las Vegas. Among the many flavors available, pistachio is the one that will have you stuffing them in your carry on.