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Brick Store Pub

The Brick Store Pub in Decatur is a legend. Since 1997 the Decatur pub has been the go-to tavern for anyone who loves beer that would never ever under any circumstances be followed by the word Lite.
Founded by three friends from Athens, the bar stocks fine craft beers from the U.S., and imported beers from England and Germany. In 2004, it began to import high gravity (over 6% A.B.V) beers from Belgium and created the Belgian Room in its upstairs space.
Here you’ll find no big screen TVs or neon signs on the wall telling you which beer to buy. What you get is a friendly atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, and the potential for some really great afternoons and evenings in one of Atlanta’s most welcoming neighborhoods.
But that’s not the whole story. In addition to some of the best beer you’ll find anywhere, The Brick Store serves up classic pub grub, globally inspired with a Southern influence.


The Belgian Room

So it’s not so much a menu item as a “must-visit” for beer lovers. Back in 2004 the Georgia legislature repealed the law prohibiting the sale of high-gravity beer, and the floodgates opened to a whole universe of trappist-style brews from Belgium with alcohol content into the teens (and sometimes beyond). Those are the beers you’ll find here.

The Brick Burger

While it’s probably no surprise that a bar would have a burger on its highlight reel, this is no ordinary burger. Picture a kaiser roll with a hunk of Brasstown Beef under super-fresh lettuce and tomato. Choose whether you want to add pimento cheese, caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms and thick delicious Benton’s Farm bacon, and the Brick Burger becomes something more than just a pub classic.