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Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand

In 2011, two Atlanta restaurateurs came together came together to give the city even more reasons to love them. Delia Champion (The Flying Biscuit) and Molly Gunn (The Porter), opened Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand.

After spending 15 years perfecting her recipe, Delia decided to make it the star of the show. they decided to set up shop in a small spot in rapidly growing East Atlanta. And with names like The Hot Mess and The Three Way, curiosity quickly turned into devoted fans. And one bite will tell you why. The slingers are made with the homemade chicken sausage nestled into a pillowy hoagie bun and topped with a bevy of options. The Hot Mess Slinger is topped with spicy and meaty chili, cheese sauce made with locally brewed Wild Heaven beer and jalapenos.

And though it may be tempting, don’t stuff yourself with slingers and sliders….they’ve got milkshakes. And these are not ordinary milkshakes. Imagine an entire red velvet cupcake mixed with ice cream and poured into a glass. Heaven, right? Nope, Delia’s!


Cake Shake

What do you get when you combine ice cream and cake; yup Heaven, AKA Delia’s Cake Shake! The flavors of the week have included Thin Mint and German Chocolate Cake. But don’t miss the Red Velvet, which has an ENTIRE cupcake in the shake.


Comeback Sauce

The chicken sausage at Delia’s has the taste of aromatic herbs and a little bit of natural sweetness. Punching up the flavor on slingers like  ‘The Hot Mess’ and ‘ ‘The Three Way’ is the house made Comeback Sauce. You’ll be wondering by the end of the meal, if it would be acceptable to drink this zesty BBQ glaze by the glass. Don’t worry, we won’t judge!