H. Harper Station

H. Harper Station in Reynoldstown is a specialty bourbon bar and restaurant that has a strong local-focus.

Deceptively simple dishes with Southern favorite ingredients like pork belly, beets, and brussels sprouts can be found all over the menu in this just-off-the-Beltline restaurant, appropriately modeled with old-time railway buildings in mind.

Whether you’re looking for the Beltline burger, or something more refined…like, say, a salad of brussels sprout leaves, seasonal mushrooms, with a ricotta and parmesan dumpling,and topped with grated parmesan…this modern watering stop on Memorial Drive is a great reason to head to Reynoldstown.


Shrimp and Grits

This is a favorite on almost any Southern menu, and at H. Harper Station, Georgia shrimp are served with a traditional tomato gravy, butter beans, and okra.

The Beltline Burger

Named for the 30+ miles of in-town trails that are being built on the old Terminus rail lines, this behemoth burger boasts Painted Hills beef from Oregon, American cheese, house-made pickles, onions straight from the griddle, and delicate bibb lettuce. Add a side of garlic tater tots and have them throw some bacon on your burger, and you’re probably going to need a to-go box.