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Lure: To attract or entice. By Merriam-Webster’s definition, Lure, Fifth Group Restaurants’ Midtown fish house, is aptly named.

Like Ecco and Alma Cocina, two of Fifth Group’s other Midtown restaurants, Lure boasts a gigantic bar which is great for dining with a friend or two, or sampling some delicious craft cocktails. The restaurant itself deftly bridges the gap between elegant fine dining and friendly, accessible, low-key dinner. Stylish but approachable, Lure is the George Clooney of Atlanta’s restaurant scene.

Obviously, this being a fish house, the menu is heavy on the seafood, and you’re going to find some of the freshest fish in the city in Lure’s kitchen. And if your preference is for oysters or calamari…then Crescent Avenue in Midtown is where you need to be.



Kick off a romantic dinner with a half-dozen (or more) cold-water oysters served on the half-shell with lemon, cocktail sauce, horseradish, and shochu (which is similar to sake).

Fish and Chips

Okay, purists, Lure’s North Carolina catfish isn’t the traditional choice of fish for this dish, but coleslaw and hushpuppies aren’t the traditional sides, either. Chef Bradley puts a local spin on this famous British dish, and serves it up with fries and tartar sauce.