Mondo Italian Kitchen: “Casual, Northern Italian Cuisine”

When you come dine at this family-run restaurant, you’ll really feel part of the family. A spot with communal style seating serving scrumptious northern Italian fare and New York style pizza, Mondo is focused on its patrons making memories and connecting with fellow diners over wonderful food. Offering a stellar bar program focused on crafting traditional cocktails with a twist and serving wines from various regions throughout Italy, you’re in for a treat when you into dine at this Milton gem.


Garlic Bread Fondue 

A best-seller at Mondo and the perfect way to start off your meal. Ciabatta with roasted garlic accompanied by a bowl of delicious fondue made with special Italian cheeses.

Rigatoni Bolognese

This special family recipe is topped with a veal, pork & beef meat sauce. Don’t forget that touch of cream, too!


One of Mondo’s most popular items, and for good reason! Served with risotto, fresh tomatoes, crispy capers & dressed in a light butter sauce.

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