Stone Soup Kitchen

The stone soup folktale is about travelers who trick villagers into giving them ingredients for soup. They claim to be making a delicious soup made of water and rocks that just needs a cople more ingredients to be perfect. That doesn’t happen here. There are no tricks, only treat after delectable treat at this Grant Park breakfast nook.
Almost hidden on a side street near Oakland Cemetery, Stone Soup Kitchen has been serving locals in Grant Park and nearby Cabbagetown since 2005. Like most neighborhood diners, there isn’t a huge amount of room to move, but that’s okay, once you’re seated you won’t want to move at all. And after you eat you may not be able to.


SSK Grab and Go Bagel

A delicious toasted bagel stuffed with egg, cheese, applewood smoked or turkey bacon and sausage or soysage. Good to pick up and munch on while you’re sitting in Atlanta’s famous commuter traffic, or just for while you’re sitting in a booth with a newspaper on your day off.

Garden Scramble

Vegetarians delight! Eggs, ‘shrooms, peppers, herbs, avocados and sprouts. Do we need to say more than that? Well, I guess we should add that it’s one of the tastiest breakfasts in the city and that you won’t be disappointed.