Swallow at the Hollow

If there’s one thing the South does with more enthusiasm than anything else it’s probably barbecue. With eight good months a year for cooking out, and plenty of local farms to source hog from, we can cook a pig like you wouldn’t believe.

Up in Roswell they’re making an art of it at Swallow at the Hollow, a little place on Green Street that cooks the ‘cue sauce over the hot coals, and sends out a macaroni and cheese that should be on your Atlanta food bucket list.

Slathered is the word of choice when it comes to ribs and sauce, and that’s exactly the deal here. Baby back ribs, with a good sticky sauce glazed onto it over the coals. Or pulled pork with your choice of sweet, vinegar, or mustard based sauces. Or all three. The combinations are endless.*


Editor’s Note: The “endless” combinations of meats and sauces mentioned here could actually be calculated by someone smarter than anyone who works for Atlanta Eats, and is more interested in doing the math than putting food in their pie-hole.



Tangy, sweet, fall off the bone short ribs that make you want to have just one more bite, even when that’s what you said ten bites ago.

Mac n Cheese

We always say that the sides can make or break a BBQ joint. The most important of all sides is mac and cheese. Obviously. This is the South, and there are few dishes more Southern than this.