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Breading Chicken

Rosebud’s Angry Chef, Ron Eyester, shows us how to bread a chicken in a way that reduces cross-contamination and food poisoning risks, and most importantly, ensures a great end-product. Sweet!

You need three containers: the first should contain seasoned flour, the second egg and milk, the last breadcrumbs.

If you keep them in a row with your pan at the end, you’ll avoid drizzling egg into your dry ingredients. You should also try to keep one hand for the chicken when it’s wet, and use the other hand to coat it with dry ingredients. Why? have you tried to scoop breadcrumbs with a hand covered in beaten eggs? Yeah, you end up with clumps on your fingers.

Once you’ve breaded your chicken you can bake it, sautee it, or deep fry it. If you try to boil it, be prepared for disappointment.

Now…you’re deep frying your chicken and you have some seasoned flour, some eggs and milk, and some breadcrumbs left over, but they’re all contaminated with raw chicken. What to do…what to do…what to do is make you some hush puppies. Pour the eggs and milk into the breadcrumbs, if the misture is sloppy, add some flour. until you have a slightly wet cookie-dough consistency. If you don’t have to add flour, season your dough/batter.

Drop generous teaspoons, or scant tablespoons, of the batter into your hot oil and…well, you’re going to need something to dip those bad boys in, but that’s a different story for a different time.

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