Jim Adams Farm and Table

Owner Chuck Meadows has had farming in his family for decades. In April 2012 he decided to take his daughters to the family farm in Greene County, Georgia, run by a cousin, Willie Adams. Willie’s grandfather, Jim Adams, bought the farm in the early 1900’s. Chuck saw an opportunity to keep the farm going with a restaurant that used the farms fresh products and focused on local, sustainable ingredients. Now, Jim Adams Farm and Table is a staple in Atlanta’s Riverside neighborhood.


Kale and Salmon Salad

Healthy doesn’t have to sacrifice flavor and with Jim Adams Kale and Salmon salad, you’ll be getting tons of great taste. They oven roast the salmon filet and make it with kale and other mixed vegetables as available from the farm.

Hollywood Springer

Springer Mountain Farms Chicken breast with melted cheddar, turkey bacon, lettuce, tomato and a generous helping of honey mustard.

The Bougie BurgerĀ 

For ATL’s bourgeoisie – house-made Piedmont Peppercorn sauce with mushrooms and sauteed onions on pasture-raised beef.