4 Can’t Miss Date Night Spots for Cuffing Season

“Cuffing Season” can be defined as a phenomenon that happens as soon as the temperature drops. Once the scarves come out, so do all of the singles looking for someone to cuddle up with during the harsh winter months. Locking down these relationships can be easy, deciding where to eat proves to be more of a challenge. Instead of just your average “Netflix and chill”, take your below freezing BAE to one of our spots that will be sure to heat things up!

Alfredo’s Italian Restaurant

You haven’t truly faced adversity as a couple until you are both fighting over the last piece of chicken parm. Alfredo’s on Cheshire Bridge is a culinary time machine and transports you to the Italian countryside. Start your meal with some of their intoxicating complimentary garlic bread and use it as a vehicle to sop up the savory and herbaceous minestrone soup. Relationships are all about compromise, but order “The Godfather”, a trio of chicken marsala, chicken parmigana, and chicken francese and there is no need!


Little Trouble

First dates can be awkward, but the cocktail menu at Little Trouble provides the liquid courage you need to make the first move. The “Gracie Law”, a gin cocktail served with raspberry and bitters will be sure to ease the pain. Don’t drink on an empty stomach, the thai beef dumplings, daily selection of tempura, and Char Siu pork buns are the perfect sharables.

Little Trouble

Old Vining’s Inn

Tucked away in historic Vinings, the OVI proves time and time again to be one of the more romantic winter restaurants. Cozy up with some of the best cold weather grub and a roaring fireplace sets the scene for an incredible meal. The indulgent truffle lobster mac and cheese fritters set the tone for one hell of a date! Grab a hot cocoa and come cuddle up at OVI for an unforgettable evening.



Varuni Napoli

No one ever said cuffing couldn’t be casual! Varuni Napoli in the Virginia Highlands is the perfect pizza party for you and your boo thang. The best way to get to know your potential partner is to see if you guys are “topping compatible”. Many relationships have failed because two people couldn’t agree on how to dress their ‘za. This place has got it all: fresh prosciutto di Parma, hot peppers imported from Italy, and rich pancetta. End the night with a refreshing scoop of gelato, with two spoons of course!


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