5 Spots We Visited for Burger Week 2018

This week, save the $5 you’d spend on a value meal at a fast food place, and take advantage of ATL Burger Week. With 40 participating restaurants, you’ll have options no matter what Metro Atlanta neighborhood you live in. Don’t miss your chance to try one – or many(!) – of Atlanta’s best burgers for a low low price of $5. We went to 5 places last week to get a little patty preview – see below for more details!

Madre & Mason, MIDTOWN
Burger: La Granja Loca
“La Granja Loca” translates to the crazy farm, and if you do the math, it makes sense. Chicken + Goats + Cows + Pigs + Evan Williams Peach Bourbon = Crazy Good. It’s a beef patty topped with a medium fried chicken egg, peppered goat cheese and Evan Williams Peach Bourbon BBQ Bacon Jam. It goes perfectly with their Evan Williams Peach Bourbon Cream Slush Topped with Ginger Beer, Whipped Cream and Peach Bourbon Marinated Sun Dried Cherries.

Grub Burger, DRUID HILLS
Burger: Bacon Love #9
Can true love exist between mankind and burger? Grub Burger says Yes – they created love potion secret sauce #9, featured in their Bacon Love #9 burger. The burger includes Applewood smoked bacon (obviously), American Cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato and that secret sauce – perfect with an Evan Williams Peach Martini.

Burger: Double Smash Burger
Two patties for $5 makes a lot of economic sense. That’s why Big Tex’s burger week deal has big value. It’s two black angus patties, American Cheese, mustard, onion and a pickle (lettuce and tomato available on request). WE had it with some Evan Williams Peach Bourbon on the rocks and had a smashing good lunch.

The Imperial, DECATUR
Burger: The Mac Attack
An Empire you’d never want to rebel against, the Imperial delivers big with its Mac Attack burger. Gouda and Pimento Mac and Cheese sit on top of the bottom bun. The Mac and Cheese has been cut into discs, breaded and fried. Topped with a patty that itself is topped with pancetta, AJ’s World Famous Gouda Cheese Sauce, Diced Sun Dried Tomatoes, Fried Basil and finished with a bun. Another great burger to have with an Evan Williams cocktail at the end of a long day.

Dakota Blue, GRANT PARK
Burger: The Dakota Blue
There’s nothing that will have you feeling blue about their delicious burger week offering. Featuring a balsamic reduction sauce that will have your tastebuds dancing, the burger is topped with arugula and crumbled goat cheese on an artisan bun. Ask for Alan or any of the great staff who can make you a delicious EW Peach Cocktail.

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