Atlanta Food & Wine Festival

Atlanta’s culinary powerhouses and foodies met at the Loews Hotel this past weekend to celebrate all things gastronomic at the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival. Chefs from all over the South were in attendance, some running classes and seminars while others camped out by the Federal Reserve Building to serve almost 10,000 diners who headed to the tasting tents.

Mara Talks to Steven Satterfield, Chris Hall, and @englishanj (and gets photobombed by @jasondominy).

Locavores celebrated Atlanta-based brands like Honeysuckle Gelato, Wild Heaven Beer, and Frozen Pints Ice Cream (all more than welcome on a sunny day with temperatures in the 80s), along with cocktails crafted from Emily G’s Jams and American Spirit Whiskey. For more substantial fare, diners could try samples from Roswell’s Table and Main, Rosebud/The Family Dog in the Highlands, Decatur’s Pine Street Market, and dozens of other restaurants.

Of course, Atlanta Eats was there, and you can read Mara’s blog here — and check out our gallery below.

Steak and @jufox

@steakshapiro hangs out with @jufox

Smartwater Refueling Station

Refuel your phone at the Smartwater tent

When Cody Met Kevin

King of Brisket meets Chief Brisket Officer

Gentlemen Gelato Makers

Honeysuckle Gelato was a welcome cool-down

Pine Street Market Pig Carving

Pine Street carving up the whole hog (more or less)

Swifts Attic

Hope and Change and Beer at Swift’s Attic


The incomparable @maradavis

Allie from Frozen Pints

Frozen pints craft beer ice-cream – for all your break-up needs

Mara and Steven Satterfield share a laugh

Miller Union’s Steven Satterfield not re-living his worst day at work 🙂