Benefits to Getting Your All-Natural Turkey Delivered This Thanksgiving!

*The below is written by Terry Smith, Owner of Mobile Meat & Seafood*

There are a number of benefits to getting your turkey delivered this year, and Mobile Meat and Seafood has a list of reasons why you should relax, put on your shades and give it a try.


Reason 1:
You can avoid the long lines at the grocery store – no hassle with a convenient delivery!

Reason 2:
You’ll have a fresh, never-frozen all antibiotic and hormone-free Turkey instead of a picked-over frozen bird at the stores. Sizes range from 12 up to 24 pounds.

Not exactly what we meant by a “fresh” turkey.

Reason 3:
Be confident that you’ll be serving the highest quality Turkey to your family and friends. Our turkeys are shipped directly from North Carolina farms to our facility, then direct to your home. You’ll enjoy a bird that’s more tender and juicy than other products in the stores. Our customers rave about the quality natural turkeys and reorder year after year.

Reason 4:
Don’t forget we deliver some of the best gourmet appetizers to serve during the Thanksgiving holidays. They’re great for all the Thanksgiving football games.


You can see all of our appetizers and call ahead to order your Thanksgiving Turkey at (770) 873-2733, or email terry@mobilemeatandseafood.com to place your order. Take one more item off your to do list and let us deliver your bird this Thanksgiving.

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