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Atlanta Eats Staff Picks: National Cheese Lovers Day

It’s National Cheese Lovers Day so Atlanta Eats has to weigh in. From pimento cheese to loaded French fries, Atlanta seems to be a cheese lovers’ paradise. But where can you get a dish that is so over-the-top cheesy your Instagram can’t even handle it? We tell you here…

  • "When at Bone’s bury yourself in the pure delight of the Onion Soup Au Gratin. The cheese ratio to broth and bread is as perfect as it gets. There are some days I wish I could literally swim in that crock," says Steak Shapiro, host of The Front Row on 680 The Fan, Food Network personality, founder of Atlanta Eats, digs filet at Hal’s, Matty Ice, Reuben Sandwiches and the Red Zone Channel.
  • "Fried Goat Cheese Balls at Ecco are the best cheesy appetizer in the city. Goat cheese dipped in batter and friend, are then drizzled with honey creating a soft, gooey, decadence of deliciousness," says Cody Hicks, President of Atlanta Eats and self proclaimed “Chief Brisket Officer”. Loves a good vegetable plate, any adrenaline inducing sport/activity, can’t stand olives, and is always down to watch a good documentary film.
  • The Palm - Chicken Parmigiana
    "A heaping amount of cheesy melty goodness over marinara and moist, crunchy chicken? Yessir, The Palm's chicken parm all day!" Commented Kyle Korelishn, An incessantly hungry 28 year old who dines out roughly 6 nights a week, occasionally runs in Piedmont Park, and appreciates a well thought out meme.
  • "Rigatoni noodles with 3 cheeses (Monterey jack, cheddar and parmesan) baked and presented bubbling hot with a crusty top. Bonus - you can buy a casserole to go and bake it at home. This is ooey, gooey mac and cheese heaven," Mara Davis, Atlanta Eats TV host, radio personality, emcee, brand ambassador and media maven declares.
  • "All queso dip is NOT created equal. The Queso Royale trio at The Orginial El Taco comes with chorizo, which gives it just enough kick to break up all that cheesy goodness," asserts Scott Chalk, Executive Producer for Atlanta Eats. He prefers Jaque Pepin over Anthony Bourdain, croissants over biscuits and a whole lotta bourbon.
  • "Joy Café’s grilled cheese hits the bullseye every time. I like the southern version with pimento cheese for an extra kick of cheesiness," claims Jon Teplow, Atlanta Eats Director of Marketing that has eaten his way from New Orleans to Boston and back to Atlanta.
  • "The General Muir rocks the Canadian classic, poutine. They top French fries with pastrami, gravy and cheese curds which melt all over for an outrageous bite," comments Skye Estroff, Atlanta Eats Marketing Manager and Restaurant Scout. Skye is a UGA graduate who turned “French Fry Aficionado” from a hobby into a career. She considers herself a minor league Joey Chestnut and practices yoga to combat the excess calories.
  • "The Macaroni and Cheese from Dave Poe’s BBQ in Marietta is so over the top cheesy it should come with it’s own laugh track. Simple, savory, and satisfying; this is the ultimate elevated comfort food," says Amy Koonin, Atlanta Eats Marketing and Sales Assistant. When she’s not in her own kitchen, Amy is always cooking up content in ours. Amy has never met a bolognese she didn’t like.
  • "Lucky’s is famous for their doggone-delicious and juicy burgers, but their kettle chips with blue cheese sauce is an equally satisfying choice. It oozes melted blue cheese and the crunchy cooked kettle chip pairing is incredibly scrumptious," explains Anni Bacchus, Atlanta Eats Associate Producer. Anni was raised in the land of Spätzle and Sauerkraut and is a self - proclaimed bread snob who will never turn down a fresh baked pastry.
  • "Although an appetizer, the Queso Fundido con Chorizo at Pure Taqueria will always have my heart," comments Eldra Flowers, Video Editor for Atlanta Eats. A lover of all things digital, with the composure to make the most complex things seem simple. He is an editing ninja known as “yoda" to a circle of close friends.

For more cheesy dishes from our favorite Atlanta spots check out our segments on The Palm, Community Q BBQ, The Original El Taco, Joy Cafe, The General Muir and Lucky’s Burgers and Brew. Be sure to tune in to Atlanta Eats every Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 10:30 a.m. on Peachtree TV!

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