Endangered Eats


Renowned chef, Hugh Acheson, is serving up a one of a kind lunch that you are not going to want to miss. Wishing to highlight conservation, he is serving up a lunch full of endangered species.  The lunch will take lace at Empire State South on May 20th at Noon. Reservations available here.

Why is he doing this? We’ll let him tell you with his ‘edible intent’:

‘Every chef wants to find and create new flavors to share with the world. However, when a species becomes endangered or extinct, we don’t just lose that species. We lose that flavor. With Endangered Eats, I hope people develop a taste for endangered species because we need to eat them to save them. At its heart, Endangered Eats is a conservation mission.

Please join me for this once in a lifetime tasting menu,’

— Hugh Acheson

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