Food Trends Taking The Spotlight

Are you food-forward or feel a little behind on epicurean updates? From the Cronut craze and beyond, we want to make sure our Atlanta Eats audience is in the loop with everything trending in the food marketplace! Here are the topics on the top of our food-news radar:

Gingerbread Oreos

As if Oreo’s aren’t addictive enough- now they’re adding a new seasonal flavor to the mix- Gingerbread! Enjoy while they’re on shelves the next few weeks.


McDonald’s New Menu Items

The value menu is expanding at Mickey D’s. Both sweet potato fries and mozzarella sticks items are currently being sold at tester restaurants. Mozzarella sticks will be officially added to menus nationwide beginning in 2016, and the sweet potato fries may not be long behind.

McDs SP fries


Dunkin Donuts Holiday Cups

Despite the Starbucks debacle, America decided not only to run on Dunkin but to keep drinking out of it. Dunkin’s “Joy to The World” themed, disposable cups have been implemented in stores nationwide.

dunkin-donuts Joy

Amazon Prime Food Delivery

You’re going to have to plan your lunches before breakfast once Amazon’s food delivery hits Atlanta. 2-hour food delivery is FREE and another 1-hour delivery option is available for $7.99. The catch: you need an Amazon Prime app for $99/year.

Amazon Prime delivery

Campbell’s Soup Turns to Star Wars

If you’re sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for Episode VII to hit theaters, get your hands on these cans. We swear, it makes the soup taste better.


Know a food trend we need to tell to the masses? For any recommendations please emailskye@atlantaeats.com

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