Give Your College Self Some Credit!


Ah yes, college. By day, playin’ frisbee on the lawn & struggling through chem lab. By night, groovin’ & drinkin’… BOXED WINE! Sure, when you think back to this economically savvy drink choice, there’s a good chance you cringe. Fear not! Put those memories (or lack thereof) behind you!

Tower Beer Wine & Spirits is here to tell college you that you were on to something. “Alternative packaging” (a.k.a. the boxed stuff) is seeing a huge resurgence. It’s better for the alcohol, better for the environment & better for buying in bulk.

Boxes keep out light, allowing alcohol to keep for longer & preventing it from going bad. You can recycle cardboard super easily. It’s easy to seal it up and save it for later versus pouring your alcohol down the sink (or trying to drink it all in one go…please, please don’t use the boxed wine renaissance as an excuse to play Slap the Bag!). Best of all, Tower Beer Wine & Spirits carries high-end boxed wine brands. Forget about the old connotation of boxed wines tasting cheap and gross!

Relive your glory days! Pull out your bell bottoms, order a pizza, & snag some boxed wine from Tower Beer Wine & Spirits!

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