National Ice Cream Sandwich Day: The Chillest Day of the Year

Post by Jordan Shoulberg, Atlanta Eats Intern
A wise person once said, “you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream… which is pretty much the same thing.” We are here today in total support of this advice. Let’s be honest, no one can truly deny the refreshing taste of ice cream. Whether you are a chocolate craver or a mint follower, the coolness and contentment that comes with each lick is undeniably good. Just when you think it can’t get any better, we bring to you the cookie and ice cream pairing. I know I scream… and I am sure you will scream… when we all scream for ice cream sandwiches. Happy National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. In honor of this monumental event, we are bringing you some of Atlanta’s “coolest” ‘wiches (no pun intended). So here’s the scoop…

Atomic Ice Cream sandwiches
Atomic Ice Cream Sandwich Truck:
Our first sandwich is one that is constantly on the go. Brought to you by the Atomic Ice Cream Sandwich Truck, these sweets are the epitome of ice cream heaven. You can choose from a variety of flavors, including peach ice cream wedged between ginger cookies to either vanilla, mint, nutella, strawberry, or peanut butter ice cream oozing out of the dutch chocolate cookies. These delicious desserts will have you singing “ice, ice baby!” So hop in your car and visit either Candler Park, The Mercantile, or Little Food Store to taste these treats.

Insomnia Cookies' ice cream cookie sandwich
Insomnia Cookies: (pictured below is the cookiewich with two snickerdoodle cookies and a scoop of the moose track ice cream)
Created by a college student who needed sweets during a late night study session, Insomnia Cookies is the 3 a.m. lifesaving dessert. But they didn’t stop at cookies, they have also launched their own ice cream sandwiches. We present to you the Cookiewich, The Deluxe Cookiewich, the Big wich, and of course the Deluxe Bigwich. Because every customer’s taste buds are different, Insomnia Cookies appeals to them all by allowing people to choose their favorite ice cream and cookie pairing. Visit the Midtown or Ponce locations to get that sweet sensation. In the future, if you are totally craving something sweet at 2 am don’t feel guilty because afterall, “it’s always ice cream o’clock somewhere!”

Miller Union: Miller Union only showcases one dessert option when open for lunch each day – the perfect ice cream sandwich. However Miller Union keeps it interesting by changing up the flavor continuously so guest aren’t bored of the selection. From pumpkin, to yogurt, to fennel ice cream- this restaurant has offered new, unique, and fun sandwich options each more crave-able than the next. We all know ice cream can make a rainy day better. But thanks to the unparalleled taste of Miller Union’s sandwich, we can confidently say ice cream totally melts our heart.

The red velvet ice cream sandwich at Atwood's

Atwoods: It’s out with the old and in with the new at Atwoods. Chef Terry Jones is the brand new chef, and he is already cooking up a storm. This Red Velvet Ice Cream Sandwich is the first of many special creations he plans on whipping up. This delight has a rich red velvet cake layered with gourment ice cream, cream cheese maple glaze, and perfectly chopped up walnuts. So, this Thursday “All you need is love…” and some of Atwoods ice cream sandwiches.

Is your mouth watering yet? Then get to one of these cutting edge restaurants on August 2nd and celebrate national ice cream sandwich day the right way – with one big epic brain freeze.

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