Kiss Me, I’m Irish-ish

Ah, St. Patricks Day. The day when ordinarily sensible people, wear green, kiss strangers, and make their livers work overtime by drinking their weight in green beer.

All you cynics can head to Cracked.com’s review of St. Patrick’s Day traditions, but right here we’re going to talk about how you get the authentic St. Pat’s experience at one of Atlanta’s best pubs.

Fadó has, for 16 years, been the go-to spot to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the way they do in Ireland: with great beer, live entertainment, food that’s better for your taste buds than your cholesterol, and great craic with friends old and new.

The famous pub has just changed up its menu and has a huge slate of events planned for the week.

Tonight, Fadó has teamed up with Tower Beer, Wine and Spirits of Buckhead to create a whiskey tasting menu of Bushmills and select appetizers. On Wednesday there’s the St.Patrrick’s Pub Quiz so you can test you knowledge of all things Irish, and then Thursday is Lucky Pint Night. What’s that, you ask? Well, every 30 minutes one lucky pint of Guinness will be pulled into a glass with a shamrock on the bottom of it, winning the drinker $50 of Fadó Bucks.

Friday afternoon is when things really kick into high gear with the Fadó/St. Baldricks Foundation annual fundraiser for pediatric cancer research. Saturday is St. Practice Day, sort of a dress rehearsal for Sunday. If you’re into rugby, the doors open at 10:30am for Six Nations coverage on the big screens, and then the party starts outside at 6pm with live music and Irish dancing. Sunday is officially St. Paddy’s Day, and Fadó close down the street for their outdoor festival including live music, dancers, and plenty of food and drink.

Saturday and Sunday are ticket-only events, and while you can buy tickets at the door, buying them ahead of time is definitely advised.

Join Helén, Colm, and Bryan to celebrate the day (or week) in style.

Finally, we shouldn’t have to remind you that if you’re drinking it’s best to leave the car at home (because seriously, it’s Buckhead and parking’s a bear). But also because drinking and driving is not only illegal, it’s dangerous and stupid. Take a cab, get Uber (or Uber’s app) or any number of designated driver companies to give you a ride home. Heck, call a sober friend — I guarantee they’d prefer to spend an hour getting you home than all night and a couple thousand dollars bailing you out of jail. But if you think you’re just going to have a couple of drinks and then drive home, Google a good DUI lawyer like Ray Guidice (who has an app for your phone!) and put that number in your phone before you go out. You’ll probably need it.


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