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5 Kickin’ Korean Fried Chicken Spots Around Atlanta

Fried chicken and the South are practically synonymous, so it should come as no surprise that we’ve embraced the variety that is Korean fried chicken so wholeheartedly. While each restaurant’s take will vary, Korean fried chicken is typically double-fried and has a thinner breading than the Southern varieties and often includes sauces infused with flavors like gochujang. Here are some great ones around town.

Choong Man Chicken – Garlic Soy Chicken

Choong Man Chicken

The garlic soy fried chicken is the perfect mix of crunchy, fried, garlicky and slightly sweet goodness that’ll have you reaching for drum after drum, flat after flat. The snow onion chicken crunchy served with a creamy sauce and just a hint of sweet. An international Korean fried chicken chain, Choong Man Chicken has locations in Duluth and in Midtown by Georgia Tech, and they’re on UberEats, too! 

Mukja Fried Chicken – Korean Fried Chicken

Mukja Fried Chicken 

We love a bit of fusion goodness, and Mukja Korean Fried Chicken is a blending the best of Southern food and the best of Korean food for a creative menu featuring kimchi and bacon mac & cheese, a garlic and scallion waffle, and of course, crispy Korean fried chicken.  They’re open for dine-in and takeout at this time! 

BBQ Olive Chicken – Half & Half | Photo: Yelp

BBQ Olive Chicken

Korean Fried Chicken is often imitated, but rarely matched. However, BBQ Olive Chicken is one of those rare spots that really nails it on the head. Our go-to order is the Half & Half combo, that’s a mixture of their fried original chicken and their secret spicy chicken.  Find this spot in Duluth in a pretty unassuming strip mall, but isn’t that where most of the best Asian food is?? Available for delivery and pick-up.

BonChon Chicken - Chicken | Photo: Facebook/BonchonChicken
BonChon Chicken – Chicken | Photo: Facebook/BonchonChicken


Who said the Southside doesn’t have great food? Bonchon is a South Korean-based international fried chicken chain with a Georgia location in Fayetteville that’s perfect for you OTPers to visit. Their fried chicken is double-fried, plus there’s family style meals that make weeknight dinners easy! 


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Gaja Korean Bar

Most of the Korean fried chicken restaurants listed above are all about the food and not so much about the ambiance, but Gaja Korean Bar delivers on both fronts. They’re a bit of a hidden gem. Step across a parking lot and open an unassuming door to find the sexiest of interiors in East Atlanta Village that will make you feel like you stepped right into a dive bar in Seoul. They also have patio dining and takeout available at this time, so try to their gochujang fried chicken and soy garlic fried chicken bento boxes soon! 

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