Life Changing Books for 2014


                                                            Six Money Saving Books To Read In 2014

With 2014 approaching us quickly, it is a good likelihood that you received an Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Certificate as a gift for a stocking stuffer or under the tree. While reading has in large part gone the way of You Tube and anything that will make us laugh in ninety seconds or less, engaging yourself in a really good book could help you personally, professionally, or even financially. I have put together my short list of six food related money saving books which help you improve your bottom line in 2014. Put at least one of these on your list

  •  The Coupon Mom’s Guide To Cutting Your Grocery Bills In Half Stephanie Nelson– In the blogging world, Coupon Mom has been a top five blog for as long as I have ever been involved with the blogging scene. Stephanie can show you how to save thousands of dollars on your bills while not sacrificing quality at all.


  • Paleo On A Budget, Eating Healthy, Saving Money Elizabeth McGaw – I have actually tried this program before and it will get you shredded in 2014. Lean how to save money and eat like our ancestors did ages ago. She has a great recipe for oversized meatballs and a variety of dishes that can help you get both physically and financially fit.


  • We Use Coupons, You Should Too  Nathan Engles – Since I gave you the Mrs. Coupon, it’s probably a good idea to meet the Mr. Coupon as well. This is a cheap read for only $5.00 and Mr. Engles personally got himself out of $80,000 of debt by using coupons and other strategies that can save you money.


  • Grow Your Food For Free Dave Hamilton – Tired of paying big prices for the organic produce you get at the grocery store? According to Hamilton, you can recycle and reuse materials creatively and gather all you need to grow your food on a budget. This is a practical guide that can show you how to save money throughout all seasons of the year.


  • Money For Food (This Is A Guide For Kids)- If you ever wanted to teach your kids the concepts such as price, quantity, and quality, this is a great quick read to help them become better stewards of the family budget. At some point, your children will have to make these decisions on their own. What better way to teach them the value of the dollar and help them make good food choices.


  • 101 Recipes For Preparing Food In Bulk Richard Helweg – There is a reason that the proliferation of the Costco’s, BJ’s, and Sam’s Clubs have built up over the past ten years. The simple truth is that a dollar doesn’t stretch as far as it used to as food inflation is rising at a rate faster than normal inflation. Learn the tips about how to save big money by preparing food in bulk.


There are so many good reads out there and I’ll be bringing you my own book at some point here in the near future. You’ll need to help me get to five stars on Amazon! If you don’t have the time to read all six of these, pick just one on your next airplane flight and see if it doesn’t improve your bottom line in 2014!



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