Mara Davis Joins the Bert Show to Talk Atlanta’s Best Service

Fresh Agnolotti and excellent service are available at Seed Kitchen and Bar

Servers never get their day in the sun (unless a very generous tipper comes around, but even then, they only get 10%). Luckily Mara gave them the love they deserve this week on The Bert Show, along with the restaurants where they work that always provide an excellent level of service in Atlanta. Listen below for more, including a special shout out to a server in Snellville who has been warming hearts for 20 years.

“I really want to give props to servers. I think, if you’ve ever been a server you know what a grueling, thankless job it is. And look, there are a lot of bad servers out there, but I want to highlight the really good ones because it is a tough job. And people don’t realize that number one they have to split their tips with a bunch of other people. They have to do side work. So it’s not like they’ve gotta deal with whatever’s happening in the kitchen at the moment. So what you’re seeing is only part of what goes into being a server.”

“First some of my favorite places for service – all the steakhouses, you can’t go wrong. If you’re paying a lot of money like, you know, Rathbun Steak, Chops, Bones – just fantastic. Kaiser’s chophouse in Sandy Springs…New York Prime….I think Houston’s has exquisite service. I’m still heartbroken over the Houston’s closing on Lenox, that’s a big deal.”

“Blue Ridge Grill, McKendrick’s, Table and Main – wanted to say a shoutout to Houck’s, which we featured on Atlanta Eats. Alicia is great and Megan – they do a really great job there especially on trivia night….the bartender at Sotto Sotto.”

“Missy from 1821 bitters wanted to shout out Chris Mason at Barley Garden – ‘best service ever, knows his beer’. That always helps, when a server knows the menu, inside and out. What do I always tell you guys – ask questions – it’s ok to do that!”

“Another thing to ask, too – Is this house made? Because if it’s made right there in the kitchen, it’s different than if it just fell off a food service truck, so it’s usually better.”

“Linda Duncan Brown says Vicky at Golden Corral in Highway 78 in Snellville – listen to what she says, I love this so much. Anyone who can do that job for two decades and still greet her customers with genuine smiles and remembers your likes deserves kudos and we’re gonna give it to her.”

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