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Memorial Day is almost here (yay!!) and I want to share one of my favorite new recipes that’ll allow us busy moms to spend less time in the kitchen this holiday weekend and more time with family and friends. My new friend, Eileen, recently sent me the recipe below for Orange Rolls and, I’ll go ahead and tell you, you’ll want to memorize it, pin it on Pinterest, email it to yourself, whatever – this will become one of your absolute favorite breakfast/brunch dishes after you make it just once!

Using only four ingredients, these Orange Rolls take just minutes to assemble, but look and taste like you spent hours in the kitchen. When they’ve finished cooking, your house will smell heavenly and you’ll wonder “Did I really make this?” as you admire the flaky layers of dough topped with the jewel-toned sauce. Best yet, these Orange Rolls can be served warm or at room temperature, all you have to do is set them out and let everyone else dig in!

So, whether you’re headed to the lake or just lounging poolside and grilling this Memorial Day weekend, these delicious Orange Rolls are a perfect way to start your family’s day! Enjoy!

Orange Rolls

2 cans biscuits (10 to a can)

2 large oranges

2/3 stick butter, melted

2/3 cup sugar

Grate rind of oranges and add orange zest to sugar. Juice oranges (should yield about 1 ¼ cups juice) and add to melted better. Keep orange zest/sugar mixture and butter/orange juice mixture separate.

Dip biscuit first in butter and juice mixture, then in zest and sugar mixture. Arrange in layers in tube pan.

Pour any remaining juice and sugar and bake at 375 degrees F for 35 minutes. To serve, turn pan quickly upside down on serving platter – be careful, as excess syrup may splash.


**Note: For two people, this recipe may be halved. Arrange biscuits around the edge of a pie tin.


  1. Amber Dee Ellis:These sound amazing!! I love orange rolls. When my dad visited for Christmas we searched 3 different grocery stores for orange rolls in a can, and could not find them anywhere! Now I've got a recipe on hand to make my own rolls on Christmas morning. Thanks so much for sharing!
  2. Lindsay:These sound delicious! I will definitely make these. They are a great idea for the family coming in next weekend. Thank you for the recipe.