Off the Menu- Mike LaSage

Mike LaSage, owner and chef of Bone Lick BBQ in West Midtown, parks himself in the hot-seat to answer Steak’s 8 off the menu questions.

1. If you could open a bar on a beach anywhere in the world, where would it be, what would it be called, and what would you serve?

The Bar at the End of the World will be located on the southern end of a small Mexican island off of the Yucatan Penn. It will be a good ex-pat spot. The only food we will serve will be whole roasted pig. It will be served with fresh tortillas. And cold, cold mexican beer. That’s one of my {several} end game goals…

2.  What’s the first sign that a table might be trouble?

You don’t have (insert boring item that some other BBQ joint has) here?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

3.  I didn’t eat dinner the night before, it is noon the next day, I am driving through Atlanta starving, where should my car be headed?

Well if you are driving THROUGH, then you HAVE to stop in and have the best BBQ in town. I know a place….

4.  What food/restaurant TV shows do you try to watch?

I used to watch a lot of No Reservations, but just don’t have a lot of time for that kinda TV these days…

5.  Flying away for a New York city tasting trip, what two local chefs are you bringing along for the ride and why?

I’d go with the Fox Brothers. Those fellas drink like I do. I do believe we could have some fun.

6.  What are your three must-have items/ingredients in your kitchen?

Pork This. Pork That. Pork Everything Else.

7.  What are your all-time favorite TV/movie comedies?

TV: Arrested Development for sure. It is hands down the most clever television show ever made. Runner up: Wilfred.
Movie: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

8.  What’s the fastest way for an employee to get on your bad side?

Overcook meat.

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