Our Conversation with Ale Sharpton about his trip to 6 Atlanta Breweries

We spoke with Atlanta’s beer aficionado Ale Sharpton, who recently visited 6 breweries with us and Tower Beer – the place for Craft Beer – as part of our Atlanta Drinks segments.  Hear from Ale as he recounts his visits to Sweetwater, Second Self, Orpheus, Red Brick, Monday Night and New Realm, or watch those visits and more Atlanta Drinks content here.

Atlanta Eats: Did we talk about Orpheus yet?

Ale: No, so Orpheus they came in with a plant, and oh Jason met me at a record bar and had me try his brew, but also the fact that they were courageous enough to have a souring program and deliver a beer that was just kinda getting new in the Atlanta scene. And that’s like sours, but they also now have a well-balanced portfolio with IPAs and that type of other different beers, [like] stouts. They’re known experimental and also courageous and it shows by how well they’ve been doing. I love how they also have can art that supports local artists in Atlanta as well.

Atlanta Eats: Yeah that’s something I’ve noticed is that it seems like the can art for all of these breweries is impressive, and that’s something that you don’t notice. There’s lots of great markets around the country with microbrewers, right? But there’s something about the artistry here that’s a little extra, can you talk about that a little bit?

Ale: Yeah! The art, it’s all about the cans, when you go walk strolling the different lanes if you’re in a real good beer store, and looking at what’s in the cooler, it’s a marketing technique to make sure you catch the eye of the possible buyer/patron. So when you look at those cans. You gotta let them pop, you know? And whatever angles you can find and something that is different from the other competitors would be advantageous for your brewery. With that being the case, you have eye popping art from Orpheus.

For example, Sweetwater kinda sticks with I guess their brand in terms of how they are presented and makes sure they stick with that, “Don’t Float the Mainstream,” with the fish and the whole nine, which is very very ingenious, and it is something you gotta keep especially as a big brewery like that. And then they have a cork and cage (10:48) series which is always cool because it shows that they can freak it a little bit and have something that is a one and done.

Oh, who else has dope art, Second Self, very consistent, but they have pretty cool art as well. I think they have a local artist do all their stuff too, which is actually pretty dope. Then Red Brick, they bounce around to find their identity, but I think now that the brew is super solid, it’s going to be a lot easier for them.

Atlanta Eats: One thing, talk a little bit about Monday Night and the ties that they use, maybe.

Ale: And the what?

Atlanta Eats: Because they have that motif that’s just like ties with different colors on it. Kind of like Sweetwater.

Ale: Oh yeah yeah, so Monday Night kinda wants to bring that whole thing where you’re loosening your tie from work, especially on a Monday. That’s why their whole thing is weekends are overrated, so they want to show that you work hard, come have one of our beers and come enjoy yourself. That’s pretty clever, so the bow tie gives them a little more of a prestigious kind of… um I guess what the word is for that…just kinda like ‘hey this is the way we can come as well, get sharp and do something, but the paradox is of course is that their beer will get you lose and help you relax. And also, it’s just they’re real and free loving people and free spirited, so it’s kind of a good oxymoron what they do.
But winning awards and the bow ties and all that, it’s how they want to accept their awards because they won a lot of them!

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