Steak Shapiro’s 10 Things You Need to Know This Week

Here are a couple of thoughts roaming around the mind of legendary radio personality and host of Atlanta Eats, Steak Shapiro.

1) That Matt Ryan is super excited about tight end rookie Austin Hooper being a real red zone threat next season.

2)  That the new roasted wings at Taco Mac are not only super delicious but a third the calories.  

Taco Mac 600x400

3)  That AJ Pierzynski should not be playing in the major leagues any more.

4)  That the OJ Simpson doc “Made in America” is not over-rated one bit and is simply fascinating content.

5)  That the veal meatloaf at the Buckhead Diner is still one of Atlanta’s tastiest dishes.

Buckhead Diner Veal Meatloaf

6)  That Josh Pastner will work as hard as any coach in America to get Tech the right players and is serious as a heart attack about recruiting Atlanta.

7)  That Breakers Korean BBQ restaurant (recently featured on Atlanta Eats) in Duluth is one of the most fun and delicious nights out you will ever have and the most popular segment we have ever done on the show.  Watch here to see why….

Photo by Breakers Korean BBQ

Photo by Breakers Korean BBQ

8)  That Jeff Teague needs to be traded immediately because no team will ever win a title with him as your point guard.

9)  That the new show “Preacher”, directed by Seth Rogen, on AMC is one of the freakiest shows I have seen in a while.  

10) That Braves phenoms Dansby Swanson and Ozzie Albies are both hitting around .230 in the minors, so in other words, Slow Your Roll!

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