Steak’s 7 Things I’m Sure of This Week

1.  I have done wine tastings from Tuscany to Napa Valley, and as great as those tours were, the bourbon tour we did a month ago in Versailles, Kentucky at Woodford Reserve is right up there.  Check out the highlights from that visit on Atlanta Eats this weekend and find out more about the great cause behind it, The Giving Kitchen from the folks behind @STAPLEHOUSE

2.  Braves injuries are the newest excuse for what happened this post season but losing six straight first round playoff series is clearly not about injuries. There is a chromosome missing with our team playing at the Ted.

3.  The best way to ruin a cupcake is too much frosting, actually the best way to ruin a cupcake is having too many cupcake businesses and having us all just get sick of them, done deal.

4.  The most phenomenal acting I have seen all year is the final 3 minutes in the movie “Captain Richards”, I think this Tom Hanks fella has a future ahead of him….

5.  When I think about the perfect chicken sandwich it always comes back to the Biltmore Chicken Sandwich at Houston’s, it may not even be on the menu at every restaurant but trust me it’s there….order it they’ll know.

6.  Most every great day I had this summer started with a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee and ended with an episode of “Breaking Bad” on Netflix, sad to say only one one of those is still happening….

7.  I have never seen a first time event with as many happy smiling people, as the 2400 folks that showed up for Atlanta Eats Live at Verizon Wireless two weeks ago.  If there is a better outdoor venue in the Southeast for music and “events” I haven’t stumbled on it……

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