From Beer to Wine, Here’s What To Drink For Summer Fun


Cheers to football season! Here’s What You’re Drinking:

 If you wander the aisles of any beer store, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the choices. So we asked Kraig Torres of Hop City to give us some pointers on what to choose.


What  should we keep in mind when it comes to grilling out this Summer?

Ah, the art of grilling! Naturally your choice of grilled foods should dictate your beer and/or wine choice. That said, a great all-purpose fridge-buddy is the Victory Summer Love. It’s a biscuity golden ale up front that finishes with a haze of grassy citrus. It has just enough caramel to make it interesting and just enough hops to keep it above the crowded room full of summer seasonals. A summer favorite!

So, if  there are sausages on the grill, what kind of beer should be in our glass?

I love to pair a spicy grilled sausage (can I hear it for a Delia’s Chicken Sausage?) with a similarly spicy Belgian-style Saison – Brooklyn Sorachi Ace is a favorite in this category

Nothing can beat a great brat on grill. What’s the best beer to cook them with?

If I go Brat, I tend to want to speak German…from a beer perspective. Weihenstephaner Hefe on a hot afternoon over a charcoal grill sizzling with Brats. Danke Schoen!

 Burgers and beer? What do you have for us?

Call me old-fashioned, but just like rock’n’roll doesn’t go out of style, neither does a big hoppy IPA when paired with a burger. I’m crazy about Green Flash West Coast IPA and a side of dill pickle…it’s more than a garnish!

 If there’s a Big Green Egg at the tailgate, what types of beer go with smoked meat?

Smoked meat needs a (pardon the pun) a beefy beer. My favorite “bacon” beer is the Stone Smoked Porter. It’s dark and chewy with just the right amount of smoked malt to stand up to the manliest of charcuterie.

 Beer isn’t for everyone. What about those who would rather go with vino?

When grilling, don’t forget that some of your friends might enjoy wine…and that Hop City is a fantastic wine store in addition to being your temple to all things beer. I love a great Rose for grilled foods. Check out Hogwash from Tuck Beckstoffer. It’s the ideal Rose for the grill

Speaking of wine, what type makes for the best sangria?

The easy answer: cheap wine. The Spanish take the wine they felt they could not serve as table wine, add fruit, and presto! a delicious drink. Don’t waste the good stuff…and don’t skimp on the fresh fruit!

Canned  beers are a necessity in many places, especially around pools. Can we still go the craft route with cans?

Canned beer is back…with a vengeance! Almost all of your local breweries here in ATL are already canning or planning to can in the very near future.

These are some great pairing! Now, we’re hanging out all day long. What is a great session beer that will help us enjoy the whole day?

We have seen an onslaught of so-called “session IPA’s”, typically under 5%, still plenty of pine and citrus without the weight and booziness of a higher-gravity option. My favorite at the moment is Lagunitas Daytime IPA. It’s like hiking through a pine forest and sipping fresh spring water while chewing on a grapefruit rind. ‘Nuff said.


If you want more great beer recommendations, Kraig and the rest of the guys at Hop City can always help you out! Check out their segment from Atlanta Eats here:




  1. Tom:Grilled burgers and Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA. A match made in heaven!