Tasty Tacos For Your Taco Tuesday!

***The below is written by @atladventurer, a guest blogger for Atlanta Eats***

Tacos. Crunchy or soft, chicken or beef…there are so many options, and so little time!

As a food blogger, I’m constantly on the hunt for the best of the best in Atlanta. For this taco roundup, I’ve enlisted the help of some fellow foodie friends to bring you the ATL’s greatest tacos. Some are unexpected, and some are Atlanta taco stand-bys. Which of these spots are at the top of your list?

ONE Midtown Kitchen

Photo by @atladventurer

One of the more unexpected additions to this list, ONE Midtown Kitchen is not your traditional taco spot! ONE is known for their new American cuisine, but to shake things up, they’ve recently introduced an incredible Taco Tuesday deal.

Each Tuesday, you can score 3 tacos plus a Tecate beer for only $13! For just a few bucks more, you can add on beans & rice (and a shot of tequila!) for a full meal.

The taco options rotate out weekly, but our favorites (so far) are the buffalo pork belly and cremini mushroom with pickled jalapeno. Stop in on Tuesdays from 5:30 to 10:00 pm to check out their offerings!

The Iberian Pig

Photo by @healthy_sav_takes_atl

One of our Decatur favorites, The Iberian Pig is serving up modern Spanish dishes with a focus on small plates. Their slow-braised pork cheek tacos topped with grilled corn salsa and avocado crema are not only beautiful to look at, but full of flavor.

While The Iberian Pig only has one taco on the menu at the moment, we couldn’t pass up mentioning this stunner on the list.

El Rey del Taco

Photo by @healthy_sav_takes_atl

Touted as some of the best authentic Mexican food in Atlanta, El Rey del Taco is a favorite of many Buford Highway aficionados.

They’re also open extremely late (think 4:30 in the morning) if you just can’t wait to get your late-night taco fix on!

Some of the best tacos include the lengua (beef tongue), carnitas, and cabeza (beef check)…portions are big, so come with a group!

Hankook Taqueria

Photo by @the_hunger_diaries

Nestled on the Westside off Collier Road, Hankook is a Korean-Mexican fusion spot with a quick-serve vibe. It’s known as an under-the-radar dive, with killer no-frills tacos from shrimp & calamari to chicken & beef.

Pro tip – Hankook is also known for their street snacks, including their sesame fries. Don’t miss out on adding these to your order!

La Pastorcita

Photo by @the_hunger_diaries

 Another Buford Highway haunt, La Pastorcita is as unassuming as it is delicious. You won’t find a website for this joint, so take to Yelp to read up before you go!

The entire menu is all in Spanish, but don’t let that faze you – you can’t go wrong with anything you try. Chips (with homemade salsas) are made to order, and tacos are cheap and filling. Try the classic carne asada and barbacoa tacos, two favorites at this simple spot.

Bone Garden Cantina

Photo by @liapicard

Located just up the street from Hankook, Bone Garden is the most traditional full-service Mexican restaurant on our list.

Bone Garden’s lively Day-of-the-Dead decor is paired with an extensive (and affordable menu) of every Mexican dish you could ask for!

Their taco selection ranges from the classics (shrimp, chicken, pastor) to the unique – most notably the barbacoa de chivo filled with slow braised goat. If you’d prefer some vegetarian bites, their Flor de Jamaica taco is made with hibiscus flowers and plenty of veggies.

Know of a stellar taco spot that didn’t make our list? Give us a shout on Instagram or Twitter at @atlantaeatstv!

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