Tweats of the Week — June 17-23

Trying to keep up with everything that’s going on on Twitter can sometimes feel like drinking from a fire-hose, and that’s why Atlanta Eats picks the best tweets from chefs, restaurateurs, and food writers to share with you. All these tweets are fully clickable, so you can read profiles and follow the twitterati that interest you just by clicking on this page!

After a weekend of heavy rain, Beth McKibben noted that…

…and I don’t think anyone would disagree with her.

Something else we wouldn’t disagree with, is Angela Hansberger’s musing about the importance of coffee.

Mark Bittman is one of those rare things: a writer who got himself a book deal, and turned out to be able to actually write well about the thing he’s most passionate about. If you watch things like Top Chef and Hell’s Kitchen, you’ll know that cooking scallops is something even veteran chefs can screw up — Bittman who literally wrote the book on how to cook everything helps you avoid common mistakes.

Our friend and chef at Woodfire Grill, Tyler Williams is going to be at PeachJam’s pig roast at Decatur Farmer’s Market on Wednesday from 5-7pm.

Some big food news last week was that Jeni’s Ice Cream, is coming to Atlanta. With one shop in Tennessee and nine locations in Ohio, the new location next to Star Provisions/Bacchanalia in the Westside Provisions District, will be the first in Atlanta.

Guy Wong and Co. have been talking about Yum Bunz for almost three years now…Adam Evans, chef at the Optimist, can’t take the suspense any longer…

Following the outrage over Paula Deen’s deposition this week, Bon Appetit and NY Times food writer, Francis Lam comes to the defense of Southerners everywhere.

Zeb Stevenson nails the raison d’etre for this blog post.

The Athens Banner-Herald reported that Farm 255 in Athens, the sister restaurant to Farm Burger, will be closing it’s doors in July.

However, reports in the last couple of days are that the owners of Broad Street Coffee are planning to buy the restaurant, and that there would continue to be a restaurant at 255 W. Washington — though at this time it’s unclear whether Broad Street Coffee will remain open when 255 is re-opened after the change in ownership.

With the sad passing of James Gandolfini on Wednesday night, Michael Erickson, director of marketing for Fifth Group Restaurants, shared some classic Sopranos food moments.