The Workout That Lets This Mom Say With Pride…”Let Us Eat Cake”

Flybarre 3


Have any of you Atlanta Eats fans enjoyed the insanity that is the Cookies and Milk Pie at The Joy Cafe? If you have, then I am sure you have done what I have done and enjoyed a second slice . . ..


If so, you are probably freaking out like I am about that second slice sticking to your thighs-right before we are supposed to break out those white skinny jeans!! There is nothing worse then the sun finally coming out after all these miserable months of winter weather, only to be unprepared for white skinny jean season and still hanging onto those those lumpy legs. Well I have a great little trick for you . . .THE FLATBACK CHAIR at FlyBarre!

 Here’s how it works:

You step in close to the barre, toes about a foot away from the mirror. Arms are holding the barre slightly wider than hips width apart, elbows locked and shoulders down. You then bend your knees keeping your back straight as a board. Legs are at about a 90 degree angle like you are sitting in a chair and you just stay there . . .and you stay there . . .and you stay there some more. ‘What are you doing there’ you say? Well, a few small pulses (they love to pulse it out at FlyBarre), a few heel lifts (sounds easy enough) , and then a few jogs. And here is the key to the whole thing-you have to hold this position for entire 3 MINUTES! Sound easy enough? Ha.These will be 3 of the most excruciating, painful, burning, shaking 3 minutes of your life. We’re talking if you sit in this chair, you may not be able to get up. You’re not only burning off that pie in 3 minutes flat, but I swear, your legs actually melt off an inch on each thigh before you leave!

Its AWESOME. Its PAINFUL. It BURNS like CRAZY. And . . .Its AMAZING that someone could come up with something so simple that can be so effective.

Feeling the burn is what FlyBarre is all about. I’m another week into the challenge and each class is different, each instructor brings something new to the class: always a new tune you haven’t heard that pumps you up, pushes you through and distracts you. Or an adjustment to your position. Or a new take on an exercise that you did a little differently in the last class. It’s never the same (which I love!!) It’s always challenging-but not too much so! And I’m never frustrated, and I like that.

I truly am feeling motivated and empowered with each class that I do, because the first time I did THE FLAT BACK CHAIR, I could barely hold the position for even a minute . . .now, I am another week down the road and I still can’t hold the position the full 3 minutes, but I am improving and I am excited to see a difference in my legs-a little slimmer, a little more shaped, a little stronger .. .I’m shaping them up!


Of all of the workouts I have done over the years, and I have done them all- Pilates, Yoga, personal training, Crossfit ( till gives me nightmares), even running for a while – I have never been able to get really great, sexy legs. And at 5’2″, I don’t have a whole lot of leg to work with. So that second slice doesn’t have anywhere to go, and the lumps come quick. I hate those 5’11” women who were just born with sexy legs that seem to go on and on for days . . .They run around in skinny jeans and super short shorts . .. and If your a shorty like me, no can do. Ive never been able to pull that off. Ive always hated those women.

But now I have THE FLATBACK CHAIR. And one of my favorite instructors that started this love/hate relationship with the chair is Liz.

So if you visit Joy a the Joy Cafe . . .then go see Liz at Flybarre. And have a seat in her chair.



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