Salute to Burgers: Yeah! Burger

by Serina Patrick
Yeah! Burger

Both Yeah! Burger locations, Howell Mill and Virginia Highlands have a retro modern decor painted lively shades of orange and blue. Definitely not your typical burger joint, and neither are the prices. But the food is all natural….their motto is “keeping the food real”. It feels wholesome, and it tastes wholesome too.

Salute to Burgers: There, Brookhaven

by Duncan Connor
There Finger Logo

I worked a beer stand at Battle of the Burgers in the Highlands back in August and tried There’s bison burger. It was good, I thought, but so were the offerings from Googie Burger, Grindhouse Killer Burgers, and a bunch of other places. Trouble was, the tiny tasting burgers don’t really give you a good idea of what the full-sized burger is like.

Salute to Burgers: Farm Burger

by Duncan Connor
Farm Burger

Three years ago, when Farm Burger opened its doors in Decatur, it was something altogether different to other burger places. Farm burger doesn’t care if its your favorite place to eat, though that would be nice. It doesn’t want to bring you a burger for a dollar.