Off the Menu- Mike LaSage

by Steak Shapiro
Mike LaSage

Steak Shapiro poses 8 questions to some of Atlanta’s best chefs. This time it’s Bone Lick BBQ’s MIke LaSage in the hot-seat.

Kevin Gillespie talks Top Chef

by Duncan Connor
Kevin Gillespie

Ask anyone from Atlanta about Bravo’s Top Chef show, and the name they’ll mention is Kevin Gillespie. The guy with the pig tattoo and the red beard finished overall fan favorite, and runner up in the competition.

James Beard’s New York State of Mind

by Duncan Connor
james Beard Awards

If there’s anything that last night’s James Beard Foundation Awards taught us, it’s that for the hoi polloi of the food community, there are only really one city that matters: New York.

One Last Thing with Tyler Williams

by Duncan Connor
Tyler Williams Star Chefs QA 2012

Whenever we interview chefs, we ask them a bunch of questions. Some are different, but we always end with the same ones — here’s how Tyler Williams, executive chef at Woodfire Grill answered…

Kevin Gillespie: Why I Left Woodfire Grill

by Duncan Connor
woodfire grill

In September of 2012, Kevin Gillespie announced that he would be leaving Woodfire Grill at the end of the year. The bearded chef with the pig tattoo, who was catapulted into the limelight as the Top Chef Las Vegas fan favorite a few years ago, had helmed the Cheshire Bridge restaurant since 2007. I met him in Glenwood Park, near his new restaurant, Gunshow, to talk to him about his decision to go it alone.

Tyler Williams on Southern, Spice, and Asha Gomez.

by Duncan Connor

Tyler Williams, executive chef at Woodfire Grill on Cheshire Bridge Road is an artist. In a culinary career that’s taken him from his family home in Michigan to Portland, Vegas, Chicago, and Atlanta, Williams has embraced flavor wherever he cooked. We talk about Cardamom Hill, and how Chef Asha Gomez has re-imagined a Southern staple […]

Q&A: Kevin Gillespie, Gunshow Mythbuster

by Duncan Connor
Gunshow Restaurant

If you’ve paid any attention to the status of Gunshow, Kevin Gillespie’s new venture in Glenwood Park, you’ve probably heard a ton of rumors about what to expect. We asked Kevin to set the record straight about some of the myths surrounding the restaurant before it opens in mid-April. MYTH: Gunshow won’t have menus. Kevin […]

Kevin Gillespie: Between Woodfire and Gunshow

by Duncan Connor
Fire in My Belly - Kevin Gillespie

In September 2012, Kevin Gillespie, the former executive chef of Woodfire Grill and bacon-lover, announced that he’d be quitting the restaurant he’d called home for more than five years. After leaving Woodfire, while Gunshow was being built, Gillespie threw himself into a mind-boggling variety of projects.

Kevin Gillespie on Seasonality and “Modern Southern.”

by Duncan Connor
Kevin Gillespie

Kevin Gillespie is probably best known to most as the cheerful red-bearded chef with the pig tattoo from season six of Top Chef, filmed in Las Vegas. He recently caused a stir with the mission statement for his new restaurant, Gunshow, in Glenwood Park, when he wrote “‘Modern Southern’ glorifies a South I don’t know…one with plantations and cocktails on the lawn.”

Chef Profile: Tyler Williams

by Duncan Connor
Tyler Williams Sausage Smile

A couple of weeks ago the big culinary-go-round news was that Tyler Williams, Executive Chef at Abattoir, had been tapped to fill the chef’s position vacated by Kevin Gillespie at Woodfire Grill. The Michigan native sat down with Atlanta Eats to talk about Woodfire Grill, why some menus are just confused (and confusing), how Atlanta compares to other cities, and what Modern Southern means to him.

Chef Profile: Ryan Smith

by Duncan Connor
Ryan Smith outside Empire State South

Ryan Smith, Empire State South’s executive chef, is the untamed Mr. Hyde to Hugh Acheson’s measured Dr. Jekyll. I visited him at ESS to talk about his friend and mentor, offal, charcuterie, and what drives him to constantly evolve the menu and personality of his restaurant.

Chef Profile: Zeb Stevenson

by Duncan Connor

Sure, Zeb is tall, he’s got an unusual name, and a shock of strawberry blond hair that makes him look like Tin Tin’s edgier older brother, but when you get to talk to him, those aren’t the things you notice.